By Deirdre Brocklebank, BA, Dip Reflexology

One of our biggest stumbling blocks to personal success and goal achieving is our self sabotaging beliefs. Many of us may remember being told by a teacher/parent/someone in authority that “You could do better.” “You would never amount to anything.” “You could try harder.” “You will never be as smart/clever/talented as your sister/brother/mother/father.” All of these beliefs (and others) become part of our sub conscious and can continue to sabotage our lives.

I have found with a combination of Theta Healing, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques™) and/or Reflexology that we can become free of these constraints and therefore we can realise our true potential and desires.

In my opinion, lack of self worth/self esteem are at the basis of all our beliefs and how we perform in life. Fortunately, it is a great time to be alive, given the work that it being done and being put “out there” into the public arena through films such as “What the Bleep Do we know” , “The Secret” and “Try it on Everything” among others. The potential for self realisation is also being supported by continually emerging modalities, techniques, self-help courses/seminars/conferences etc and the Internet has become an incredible resource for sharing this and other relevant information throughout the world.

The following is feedback from some clients who have cleared blockages with me.

A friend (whom I will call Anne), told me that she was feeling stressed after having recently conducted some healing workshops. She even felt that she had developed a DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) because of the stress. Even though she had good, positive feedback from the workshops and participants asked her to run another one for their children, she still felt stressed at the thought of running more.

Anne uses muscle testing and she also practises Theta Healing and EFT so we both muscle tested beliefs which I intuitively raised. We then cleared them with Theta Healing.

I suggested various beliefs which related to when she was 5 yrs old and had just started school. There were a few incidents of being teased and laughed at by some of the older children.

Her father came to mind and she said that “He had to marry mum.” We cleared beliefs around this including “Mum had to marry Dad.” She had never been able to communicate well with her father. In fact, the only time she was able to say to him what she really wanted to was when he was in a coma before he died. The belief that came up around this was “Dad didn’t ever listen to me.” After clearing this she felt lighter in her chest and head and was feeling much more positive in herself generally. She was also feeling much more positive, and confident about running future workshops.

Anne emailed me the next day: “Thanks for the clearing yesterday (Wednesday). I am feeling much better and my energy levels have increased – this is a definite bonus. The DVT has improved by 95% since the session. Before yesterday my leg was quite hot and painful in about six sites and each site had the appearance of a red bruise, varying in size from a cricket ball to about a 20 cent piece. Today the bruises have changed colour from red to a faded brown and I’m not experiencing any pain.”

Another client whom I will call Tom, was suffering from a psychotic reaction to a diet pill that he had taken a month before. Consequently he was very anxious about attending an interview the next day for a promotion to a new position. His anxiety was increased because he had been passed over for a promotion earlier this year and this had affected his confidence and self esteem.

Beliefs we cleared were around fears about the diet pill and what it had done to his system, feelings and beliefs around not being promoted previously (injustice), being judged unfairly, fear of failing and fears about his future.

He got the job the next day!

The following was written by one of my clients who was feeling blocked in her creativity.

I felt I had some mental/physical and spiritual blockages that were contributing to what I saw as barriers to reaching my goal of becoming a professional artist. I have worked hard over the past twelve months to achieve this goal. Much of this has involved focussing on refining my drawing and painting skills, improving my networks and knowledge of processes involved in exhibiting and selling art work, and promoting my work more generally.

After twelve months I noticed great progress in some areas and little progress in other areas. Notably, I had made good progress in improving my knowledge of how to get into galleries and how to exhibit work, and I had taken steps backwards in selling my art – sales had been erratic and while my prices had increased slightly the art remained underpriced and sales were few and far between.

I had been seeing Deirdre Brocklebank over the past year for help with various issues of concern in my life and we had used Theta Healing and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to address them. I therefore, decided to see whether Theta Healing could help me find some answers and solutions to the issues I have mentioned above.

I suspected the lack of sales of my art was connected with my self-worth and that this was something that needed to be addressed in order for me to make ends meet as an artist. I had a sixty minute session with Deirdre on Friday 01.08.08 that focused on firstly using muscle testing to identify my blocking beliefs around self-worth and creativity, including those related to art and money. Each identified belief was then cleared with Theta Healing. Deirdre also muscle tested and cleared any blockages around affirmations for: abundance and prosperity, new beginnings, creativity and manifestation, happiness and success and health. During the session we also worked on the pain in my arms and beliefs that we thought may be manifesting this pain. I felt a significant reduction in the pain in my arms during this process.

Immediately after the session I felt a sense of relief and euphoria. I went home and painted. I tried new painting techniques and managed to connect with my spirit again. This was something which I had not been consistently doing in the past 12 months -(my head got in the way). I painted on both the next two days following the session and felt frustrated that I had other activities in the way of my painting time. On the third day following our session I took the day off work to paint some more! This is something I have not allowed myself to do in the past but I felt I needed to paint and follow my inspirational leads. During this three day period following the theta session I completed three paintings, one of them larger than 100cm squared and the other two were approximately 60cm squared. I feel that all three works are superb and that they were accomplished comparatively quickly. I had put aside two weeks for completing each painting in order to be ready for my next exhibition. To have three done in three days instead of six weeks was remarkable!

Three weeks after the session I had completed several large paintings of high quality, the biggest of which was 180x120cm. I also began on detailed sculptural piece And entered art in a local competition – something I had been meaning to do for several months.

One month after the session I had completed two more large paintings (80 x 120cm) and made considerable progress on the sculptural piece. This makes a total of nine large paintings started and completed during one month. Usually I would have completed 2-3 paintings during the same time period, leading me to conclude that the theta session has been successful in unblocking my artistic creativity. I am excited about the evolving creativity emerging now and am taking a week of leave from work so I can focus on art. I am very excited about the prospect strengthening my career as an artist and am totally confident in achieving my goals. If any more blocking thoughts and beliefs appear I know I can always get help to clear and change them with Theta.

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Deirdre Brocklebank BA, Diploma of Reflexology, Cert, IV Assessment and Workplace Training, EFT Practitioner and teacher, Theta Healing Practitioner. Member RAA.