By Deirdre Brocklebank, BA, Dip Reflexology

My journey along the healing pathways began in the late 1970s when I first experienced hands on healing. It was also the first time that I was instructed on how to give this type of healing. This was through a spiritual church in Canberra, the National Capital of Australia.

I have formalised my healing activities since then with a Diploma of Reflexology and attendance at numerous workshops/seminars/conferences and public presentations. The work that I now do is the result of years of theory and practical application for Reflexology and other healing modalities. I work from a home-based clinic in Canberra which is convenient and offers me flexibility.

I now feel I have completed a circle in my healing activities. This is because the healing at the Spiritual Church was from Universal love energy (the Creator, or God, or whatever you chose to call the Source from which this energy flows) and I am now tapping into this energy with Theta Healing.

In my practice I now combine elements from some of the modalities which I have studied including Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Shiatsu, crystal healing, Pranic Healing, Kinesiology, Reflexology, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Theta Healing. My main modalities are the last three that I have listed. I have found my clients benefit greatly from the combination of those modalities. They generally experience rapid reversal and positive changes from what they have been experiencing in their lives on all levels, whether physical, emotional, spiritual and/or mental after our sessions.

I am currently working with several clients who are experiencing different degrees of depression ranging from paranoia and panic attacks to bipolar. I have had several other clients with the same conditions over the last few years but not in clusters like now. Practising therapists will no doubt identify with the phenomenon when they get several clients with the same conditions all seeking help at the same time.

I have documented the following short case summary to demonstrate how I combine Reflexology, EFT, Theta Healing and Kinesiology (muscle testing) in a session. This summary is for two sessions for a male client of mine with depression. I will call him Johnny. Johnny is 40 years old. He was diagnosed as a compulsive obsessive and a major depressive by his GP 2 months ago. He is taking the anti-depressant drug Luvox. He was diagnosed as having ADHD when he was a child but his mother refused to have him put on drugs and she dealt “with it with love and discipline.” Johnny always felt “different” at school. He also has an intense fear of how he will die, rather than a fear of dying. His most pressing concern was that he has “moderate” panic attacks which he believed came from being bullied in a previous work place situation a year before. He has also been agoraphobic for some time and has felt unable to leave the house. He regards himself as a hypochondriac and his fears about his health can also lead to panic attacks. He is overweight and this concerns him. He is quite proud that he has shown will power by stopping smoking 2.5 years ago.

Johnny arrived at his appointment with his wife as he felt very apprehensive about seeking help for his problems. It was a big step for him as he had previously refused to seek help when his wife suggested it.

I use muscle testing with EFT and also for testing for Theta Healing beliefs. It was interesting to note that my client responded to “Johnny” but also sometimes to ” John” when I was muscle testing him. He explained that “Johnny” was for his close friends to use. I believe that it was an indication of the rapport that we built, that he responded only to “Johnny” for the muscle testing in the latter part of the session.

This uncertainty about which name he responded to (and in a sense who he was), lead into valuable discussions about his main issue. He’d had a very uncomfortable situation at his former work place a year before and it had affected his self esteem. Apparently, a colleague whom he had supported had begun to say untrue things about him to his supervisors. He asked to meet with her to resolve the issues and to “start again.” She agreed and appeared to respect this, but she later reverted to her former behaviour. He felt betrayed and unsupported, particularly when she got a position for which they had both applied. According to his wife, “he is not able to move forward in his life and is being held back by his attachment/anger towards what happened in his previous work environment”.

As mentioned previously, Johnny had not sought help with this problem before despite his wife’s urging. He only agreed to see me because his feelings of lack of self worth had so escalated that it was affecting his new job and sometimes he was unable to face leaving his house. This was happening despite the fact that his new manager is very supportive and understanding of his depression. His low self esteem had contributed to his weight gain and the belief that he was only safe and supported at home.

I decided to apply Theta Healing to clear self-sabotaging beliefs around the work incident, before doing the EFT. I used muscle testing to confirm which beliefs he held and later to test whether or not the beliefs were cleared. The beliefs that were cleared were: I mean nothing; I don’t exist and I am not good enough. He believed that his life would be good if he was happy. Before clearing sabotaging beliefs around happiness the following beliefs were cleared: I deserve to be worried and I don’t deserve to be loved (because he had equated love with happiness). I downloaded I have the Creator’s discernment and understanding of love, and cleared, I am afraid of love. After clearing these beliefs the following beliefs about happiness muscle tested as positive: I affirm my desire to be happy; I believe I can be happy; I choose to be happy and I deserve to be happy.

Johnny was much more visibly relaxed after the above work and in order to shift his focus from the conditions and perceived weaknesses with which he has associated himself for years, I asked him to tell me what he liked about himself. He listed the following: I’m honest, funny, happy, loving, I can be moody, I tell jokes and I’m easy going.

I explained EFT to him and we both tapped on ourselves for the following setup for the work incident. “Even though I felt betrayed by L……. after I helped her to get a position where I worked and it was great initially, but then she changed, probably because she saw me as a threat. I felt like a pariah and rejected. Even so I deeply and completely accept myself unconditionally with love and gratitude.” He rated his feelings of being betrayed and unsupported at that work place as 9.

After doing the setup he tapped on himself while I tapped on myself from the Top of Head to the Karate Chop points using phrases from the above setup. The phrases he said included the following: she betrayed me; she saw me as a threat; she turned others against me; she made me feel worthless; she told others I was a liar; she hated me and they hated me. I tapped on his Collar Bone point for emphasis when he became emotional and teary. After one round I felt his energy shifts and he was aware of relaxation through his throat and chest. When I asked him to rate the intensity of the issues he said, “Who cares.” “It’s her problem.” When I asked him to retell the story he had no reaction but merely observed of his antagonist that; “She changed.” The incident occurred almost a year ago and muscle testing confirmed that “there are no other incidents relating to the incident with L….. that now need to be addressed.”

Other beliefs that I identified (and then either cleared or confirmed with muscle testing) which could have affected his work situation were: I am understood (no); I choose to be supported (yes); I am pulling my weight at work (yes); I am letting them down at work (no); I am appreciated at work (yes) and I now choose health, balance, joy and happiness (yes).

As often happens when using EFT, either after a problem is cleared, or while it is being addressed, Johnny recalled another incident at another previous work place (in Western Australia). It was to do with himself and a drug addict. He thought he had dealt with that situation and was surprised that it came to mind. I cleared the charge around this by clearing the following belief: I am carrying the trauma of that incident in Western Australia.

Johnny agreed that he has fallen into the habit of acting out his diagnosed conditions. He believes he is a hypochondriac as he believes that he has whatever condition he sees on television or reads about. This is something that we will address more in future sessions along with other beliefs around his obsessive compulsiveness, depression, agoraphobia, panic attacks, ADHD childhood experiences and weight issues, plus anything else that becomes apparent during sessions.

He was very excited by how relaxed he felt during the Reflexology and how good he felt at the end of the session. He felt excited by the future and was looking forward to our next session.

Johnny arrived on his own for his second visit. He looked and sounded more cheerful and confident. He also felt “recharged”. He had been to work all week since the last session and he had no hesitation in leaving the house or being at work. He also noticed that when he came home from work he was eating much less than normal but still feeling satisfied.

He still regarded himself as an obsessive compulsive, because he felt compelled to wash his hands at least 10 times a day if he handled anything dirty. He thought that this obsessiveness started when his family moved interstate (from Queensland to Victoria). As they moved regularly for his father’s work, he did not see the move itself as creating a problem. To test his response and degree of compulsion, I handed him a clod of dirt to rub into his palms. He did this without any hesitation and didn’t feel the need to wash his hands for the rest of the session and even before he went home. Muscle testing confirmed his belief that he developed this compulsion after an incident at school when a school mate told him that cats choke on hair balls. It was interesting to note that his hand washing compulsion appeared to have cleared even though we had not addressed it directly.

Johnny realised that his allergy to cats also started soon after his friend told him that cats choke on hair balls. He tapped on the Karate Chop point while talking about the incident. We cleared the belief that I am carrying the trauma of what A….told me about hair balls in cats. He then tapped on the Karate Chop point again while he retold the story. Muscle testing confirmed that more work needs to be done in the future on his allergy to cats and that his allergy is to their saliva not their fur. To assist with further work on this allergy at another session I used Theta Healing to clear I now know how to live without being irritated by cat’s saliva.

Johnny didn’t feel the need to do beliefs on depression or panic attacks because he was feeling so good. However, we used Theta Healing to clear the following beliefs around agoraphobia as this had been one of his big concerns last session. The beliefs were: I am afraid of being alone; I will lose control if I go outside; I will be hurt if I go outside; if I go outside I will be betrayed; people are dangerous; I can’t do anything; I am afraid of my own power/strength; I am weaker than everyone else; I can’t defend myself and others are stronger than me.

He was very pleased that muscle testing confirmed I now choose balance/harmony/health/wealth in my life. He was excited about the work we were doing and he described it “like reading a book you can’t put down”. He didn’t feel “in my core I am depressed or melancholy or anything like that”.

I then used a combination of EFT and Theta Healing to clear the belief love hurts. I cleared the belief with Theta Healing after Johnny had talked about the relevant issues around this belief while he tapped continually on his Karate Chop point. One of the main issues was that he doesn’t believe that his parents should be together as his father is verbally and mentally abusive to his mother.

Another belief that both he and his wife thought that he had was I’m scared of how I’ll die. It was interesting that muscle testing indicated that he no longer has this belief even though we had not worked on it directly.

In any future sessions with Johnny I will check the intensity of his hand washing compulsion, the intensity of his allergy to cats and any sabotaging beliefs he may hold around hypochondria and weight loss. Meantime, I have suggested that he do one- hand tapping while doing his compulsive acts such washing his hands or overeating. (This is a technique suggested by Dr David Lake of Australia).

I find that the changing of beliefs, plus the teaching of new feelings and the downloading of new emotional states with Theta Healing both complements and expedites the efficacy of EFT. EFT is still in my opinion, one of the best self-help, energy therapy techniques and I teach it to my clients to use for themselves.

I always tailor my sessions to meet the individual needs of each of my clients. Therefore, the modalities I use in a session will depend on the issues and conditions that they have. For example, I may apply more EFT than Theta Healing in some sessions or vice versa and I may not always use Reflexology. Sessions are 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 120 minutes.

I don’t believe that any healing modality is superior to another, but I work with those with which I feel most comfortable. I feel very fortunate to have found an excellent combination with Reflexology, EFT and Theta Healing supported by muscle testing techniques from Kinesiology.
7 July 2008.

Deirdre Brocklebank BA, Diploma of Reflexology, Cert, IV Assessment and Workplace Training, EFT Practitioner and teacher, Theta Healing Practitioner. Member RAA.