By Deirdre Brocklebank, BA, Dip Reflexology

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) never cease to amaze me and I find surrogating in particular, to be an extraordinary phenomenon. Therefore, I was pleased to be able to demonstrate the efficacy of this technique at an EFT workshop which I recently conducted.

There was a small group of 7 participants plus myself at the workshop. All participants had some experience with EFT but not all were proficient at muscle testing. Therefore, I regarded the following exercise as an excellent way to instill confidence in surrogating with EFT and also in using muscle testing as part of the process.

We were surrogating for a 4 year old, male, beagle dog named Sherlock, as his owner, whom I will call Tina, was concerned about him and asked for assistance with him during the workshop. However, she didn’t give any information about Sherlock before we started doing the EFT on him so as not to influence our work.

I asked the group to identify what concerns, feelings, emotions etc they were picking up from Sherlock. They quickly identified the following: sad, anxious, lonely, and uncertain (possibly food related or comfort eating). Possible reasons for these feelings were then suggested. They included that he felt he was left alone, he had a “bad” in-utero experience, at seven weeks he may have experienced separation anxiety possibly when he was weaned). The group identified that he also felt: separation stress, dumped, abandoned and he had a traumatic experience around 2 years ago. They also identified that his main physical conditions included facial injuries, pain around the knee on his left leg and back pain between his shoulder blades.

Tina, then explained that Sherlock was deeply frightened around 2 years ago. He was being walked when he was suddenly attacked by a dog that he had normally teased while walking past. The dog had injured Sherlock’s left leg and face during the attack.

I asked a participant with extensive muscle testing experience to test for each of Sherlock’s following beliefs that I identified: I am not safe, I have a heavy burden, I am not loved and those who love me leave me. I then cleared those sabotaging beliefs with Theta healing.

Tina became very emotional and upset when I was doing the beliefs for Sherlock. (She later told me that it was because she realised that it was about 2½ years ago that she lost three other beagles. One was killed by a train when he was with Sherlock. One was also with Sherlock when he went missing and never returned and the last one died of old age. She also realised she was very angry with her parents because they were minding the dogs at that time. She has been addressing this issue with EFT since the workshop).

I then asked the group to surrogate tap for Sherlock after first muscle testing for permission to test for him and to work with him on his issues.

We then tapped on ourselves for the following setup: Even though Sherlock was deeply frightened 2 years ago and his left side and mouth were hurt, I deeply and completely accept Sherlock unconditionally with love and gratitude for his Best and Highest Good. We repeated the setup three times and then we tapped one round of “Sherlock was deeply frightened 2 years ago and his right side and mouth were hurt.”

We all reassessed his demeanour and thought that he was happier but still carried some back pain. He seemed much more comfortable after we tapped one round of the following Choice Statement: I now choose calmness, comfort, contentment, peace and harmony.

Sherlock had been lying quietly until we finished the Choice Statement. He then stood up and wagged his tail. The feeling around the group was that he felt lighter as well as happier and had a definite spring to his step. He also appeared to be free of physical pain.

Tina mentioned that he still had an issue that was frustrating her. This was that he constantly pulled when he was being walked. The group determined with muscle testing, that he was happier being walked with a slip on choker around his neck rather than with a harness. (This made sense, when Tina told us that he had been wearing his harness when he was attacked by the dog).

Sherlock was taken for a walk about half an hour after the session. He walked with a lead attached to his neck collar and without the harness. Tina was very happy to report that he didn’t pull on his lead for the first time that she could recall and that he seemed to be perfectly happy being led by the lead. He also slept in his own bed the next three nights, for the first time for several months without trying to climb onto Tina’s bed.

Four days after the workshop Tina reported; “He is pulling a bit, but not as much as he does with the harness. He seems happy on the lead so I’ll keep using it and see how we go. He jumped up on the bed half way through last night and slept there because I was too exhausted to move him. I think it had something to do with it being insanely cold last night. He felt like an ice cube when he jumped up. But other than that I would say there has been a marked change and he has been absolutely fantastic this week for the first time ever. So that’s great!”

This was an interesting demonstration of surrogating with EFT and has had positive outcomes for both Sherlock and Tina. For example, she has realised that if she can be free of her own issues she will help Sherlock to be free of his.

Deirdre Brocklebank BA, Diploma of Reflexology, Cert, IV Assessment and Workplace Training, EFT Practitioner and teacher, Theta Healing Practitioner. Member RAA.