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The future is literally in their hands. The profoundness of this statement is demonstrated in Angie Muccillo’s new book “Tapping for Kids.”

In this well written and beautifully illustrated guide, the magic of the Emotional Freedom Technique comes to life in a meaningful way for the age group at which it is aimed, that is for 7-11 year olds. The examples of the problems used by the child characters in the book are real and wlll, therefore, relate well to the chldren who read and apply the techniques outlined in the text.

It is also an extremely useful resource for their teachers and parents and other mentors. Practical examples such as packing your troubles into a garbage bag to deal with them for ever and group tapping to help each other with their troubles, empower children to deal with their problems. A happier, well adjusted generation bodes well for all of us. Do your children and yourselves a favour and introduce them to this book. Whether it is something as momentous as a marriage breakup or bullying at school that is worrying your child, or any other problem that concerns them, this book will help you all to deal with the emotions around these events using the universally acclaimed EFT.

Click here to find out more about “Tapping For Kids”

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