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I really enjoy doing EFT with children as I have found them to be generally very creative, open and usually co-operative, while doing the process. The young man that I am writing about in this article is an intelligent and spiritual young man of six years of age (when I first saw him) and I will call him Kyle.

I first worked with Kyle about six weeks previously when we tapped on his being bullied at school. He was initially tentative at that first session and he preferred having the door open while we did the EFT, so he could see his mother in the other room.

For his second session Kyle asked me to help him as he was scared of a dog monster that he saw in a television cartoon. He was also feeling scared during his swimming lessons because of his fear of sharks and crocodiles. He was much more relaxed and confident with me this session. I asked him whether he wanted the door open or closed while we did the EFT. This time he was quite adamant that he wanted the door shut so we wouldn’t be “interrupted”. He was quite subdued initially while telling me about the cartoon monster and he didn’t look me in the eye while he talked and tapped his karate chop point.

As he slowly gained confidence he started to look at me as I encouraged him to describe what the monster did and what it looked like. His confidence grew as I repeated his words and threw in a few of my words such as “ugly, spotty, silly old monster ‘. By this time his confidence was growing to the extent that he told me with glee that the monster did “blue farts” and that his grandfather had said “they shouldn’t show such bloody awful television cartoons to children.”

I made a few suggestions about how we could deal with the monster such as sending it into space or drawing it. He chose to draw it and then to burn the drawing. He insisted that we also burn all the matches that we used. He laughed about the monster going up in smoke and made sure that every bit of the drawing was burnt to ash. After the burning he tapped randomly on the head and body points for statements such as “the silly old monster and the gone to Monster Heaven monster.” I tapped along with him.

He agreed to do an EFT setup and round on the monster. As I mentioned previously, Kyle is quite a spiritual boy and I was impressed before we started tapping, when he looked at the sky and said, “If I look at the sky and look at God I can see my friends. My friends are John and Don.” He could also “see” his dog Darcy that had died. His friends are still alive and it was interesting to note that John was the friend who had been bullying him and he was the reason for Kyle doing the first session of EFT with me

Kyle asked me to tap on him and to speak the setup and he repeated what I said. The setup we worked out together was, “Even though I’m a little bit scared of the scary, smelly, blue-farty, pink and blue spotted monster I‘m a great, happy kid and mummy loves me.” I tapped through the points on him from the top of head to the karate chop using the descriptive words in the setup plus other choice ones that he contributed, including “yukky, stinky, jumping-from-tree and paper-ripping monster.”

Kyle said he “felt fine” after two rounds.

His second fear was about sharks and crocodiles and this also seemed to have stemmed from television shows. He had seen a surfer attacked by a great white shark on television and he had also seen crocodiles leaping out of the water at people on land and in small boats. I was very impressed when he told me with confidence that “crocodiles are like dinosaurs as they are about 100 million years old and they are still here and sharks are too.” He tapped randomly on himself while telling me this.

Kyle wanted to burn the drawing of the shark and the crocodile but as we had run out of matches he decided to tear the drawing into tiny pieces. I agreed to dispose of these later.

He seemed much happier after tearing up the drawing so I encouraged him to talk to me again about the shark and crocodile. I did this by asking him to pretend that he was swimming in the pool and to tell me how he felt. He said he still felt a bit of a “scaredy cat”. I tapped on him for the following setup. “Even though I’m a bit of a scaredy cat in the pool because of the shark and crocodile, I’m a great and happy kid and I’m stronger than anybody else and stronger than a shark and a crocodile.” The statements at each point from the top of head to the under arm, were based on this setup statement. After two rounds he felt “fine”.

Kyle was a much happier boy when we finished the session and he was quite happy for me to tell his mother what we had been tapping on. He even contributed to the conversation without any obvious anxiety or fear.

On the third session we tapped on his nightmares about dinosaurs. They seem related to his seeing dinosaur models in a museum about 20 months before. He described them as being100 feet tall, with grey/brown teeth about10 metres long. He was scared they were going to bite him. This has been a recurring dream as he mentioned that he woke up and rolled out of bed on another occasion because of a dinosaur dream and his mum came and saved him. We tapped two rounds for, “Even though the scary dinosaurs woke me up with a fright and I was scared, I’m a great kid and really brave and strong.” We then tapped one round of each of the following: “I now choose to sleep nicely.” “I’m a big, strong, brave kid.”

The thing that most frightened Kyle about the dinosaurs was their size. I told him about the fable of the elephant being frightened by a mouse and ad-libbed with parallels about his dreams and the dinosaurs – ie even though he is smaller than a dinosaur he is still brave and strong. (I asked him questions to ensure he understood about the differences in sizes of the animals and their comparative bravery). He agreed that the best way to deal with the dinosaurs was to tell them to go away if any more come back when he is asleep.

The value of the previous EFT work that we did on his fear of sharks was evident when he told me of another dream that he had had recently about a shark. In the dream he and the shark kept swapping teeth and finally Kyle got the biggest teeth and he bit the shark.

In the fourth session Kyle mentioned that his friend we had tapped for in the first session was bullying him again. I tapped along with him while he tapped himself for: “Even though every day John says ‘naughty, nice, going cookoo’ to me and its confusing and frustrating, I’m a great kid and I’m Okay.” We tapped two rounds for: “John gets in my head and it’s confusing and frustrating.” He felt a lot better and then tapped on himself for: “Even though I wish John wasn’t there I’m still a great kid.” This was followed by two rounds of the following: “I wish John wasn’t there but I’m still a great kid.” We then tapped together for “Even though I’m distracted by John I’m a great kid.” followed with two rounds of “I’m still distracted by John when he goes to the pencil sharpener.” He is a very insightful child and I was impressed when he told me that it was okay, because John only teases people because he is sad.

Kyle is very sensitive and he told me in a round-about way that his mother had been kicked at school when she was a child and it affected her back. He was worried that his sister would break his back because she kicks him. We tapped for: “Even though I’m worried that Suzy will break my back like what happened to mum, I now choose to accept and love myself and Suzy unconditionally.” He did one round of the main phrase then repeated the story while tapping the KC. He felt okay when thinking about it and changed the subject.

Kyle admitted that he occasionally still feels a bit scared of sharks when he swims in one particular pool because he can’t see the edge. However, once again the efficacy of the EFT that I had done with him in the earlier session was obvious. Instead of wanting to get out of the water, his strategy now is that if he thinks he sees a shark coming to get him, he just moves out of the way and it hits the wall.

His parents were discussing divorce and there was obviously a lot of strain in the family but Kyle did not mention these issues to me. Therefore, I only focussed on what he wanted to address. I will address those issues in the future if he chooses to raise them with me.
Deirdre Brocklebank
B.A. Dip Reflex Cert. IV in Assessment and Workplace Training, Theta Healing practitioner, EFT practitioner and teacher. Member RAA. d_brocklebank@hotmail.com https://bodyandsole.wordpress.com



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It is also an extremely useful resource for their teachers and parents and other mentors. Practical examples such as packing your troubles into a garbage bag to deal with them for ever and group tapping to help each other with their troubles, empower children to deal with their problems. A happier, well adjusted generation bodes well for all of us. Do your children and yourselves a favour and introduce them to this book. Whether it is something as momentous as a marriage breakup or bullying at school that is worrying your child, or any other problem that concerns them, this book will help you all to deal with the emotions around these events using the universally acclaimed EFT.

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Deirdre Brocklebank
BA, Dip Reflex. Cert. IV in Assessment and Workplace Training
Member RAA, EFT Practitioner and Teacher, Theta healing practitioner
8 Fitzherbert Place, BRUCE ACT Australia 2617
d_brocklebank@hotmail.com https://bodyandsole.wordpress.com

By Deirdre Brocklebank, BA, Dip Reflexology

This article first appeared in the EFT Insights online newsletter by EFT creator Gary Craig. http://www.emofree.com/Children/EFT-with-children-guidelines.htm

Comments by Gary Craig

EFT works very well with children, although there are unique ways to deliver EFT properly to these youngsters. Gratitude to Deirdre Brocklebank from Australia for providing some useful guidelines in this area.

Guidelines For Using EFT With Children

These notes are suggested as a guide for parents using EFT with their own children as well as for others working with other peoples’ children. The latter could be those doing the EFT as a friend or practitioner or both.

A working knowledge of the EFT terminology is assumed.

A child is defined as being between 3 ½ years to 14 but this could vary depending on the maturity of the child.

The environment

1. Establish a safe, welcoming, comfortable environment which may be inside or outside.

2. Respect the child’s needs, feelings etc and ask what they feel good with eg:do they want someone with them such as their parent, other relation or friend while they are doing the EFT?

  • if they choose to be on their own doing the EFT, do they want to still be able to see their parent or whoever is with them?
  • if they are very young, do they want a comforter such as a favourite toy with them?
  • do they want to sit, lie or stand during the EFT?
  • where do they want to sit, lie or stand?

The process

1. It is essential to quickly establish rapport and trust with the child. A big part of doing this is to respect but don’t patronise them. This can be assisted by doing the following:

  • when identifying their problem, rather than ask for a SUDS (Subjective Unit of Discomfort Score) ask:

a. how big the problem is and get them to indicate this in their own way. For example younger children might find it easy to spread their arms apart to indicate the size of the problem (before and after addressing it with EFT)

b. for other physical features of the problem. For example, what colour/shape/etc is the problem?

c.  what the problem feels like. For example, can you feel this problem anywhere in your body? If so, ask them to show you where it is in/on their body. How does it make them feel? Eg sad/unhappy/awful/scared

d. does the problem remind them of anything? For example, they may remember a particular event when they felt a strong emotion and this may have to be addressed with EFT in addition to the original problem they are addressing;

e. speak their language in terms that they can understand eg if doing the Set Up statement, for younger children it may more appropriate to use phrases such as “mummy loves me”, I’m a good kid”, “daddy loves me”, rather than the stock phrase of “I deeply and completely love and accept myself”;

f. do whichever routine is appropriate for the age of the child and their problem. For example, Tell the Story is an excellent approach developed by Gary Craig. It is effective for all ages, especially the very young. They simply tell their story about their problem and when you notice they are feeling an emotion you can then address this appropriately. This could be by using a routine with a positive choice statement.

NB It can be very effective to first address all the negatives about an issue such as fear of spiders or being bullied at school. You could then introduce one or more rounds of positive statements until they feel better. Refer to Patricia Carrington’s work on Choices Duo and Trio for details about this approach.

2.Tapping on points can be done in several ways but it is important to ask the child which they prefer. For example you can:

a) tap on them (while they are not tapping)
b) tap on yourself while they tap on themselves
c) tap along with them on yourself and also tap on any points you are drawn to on them, while they tap for themselves

NB all the meridian points allow access into the meridian system and the usual points are generally preferred because they have been shown to be effective. However, if a child is lying down for instance, they may prefer you to lightly tap along the points either side of their spine in preference to other points;

  • it is also possible to just touch and/or rub the points rather than tapping them. It may be appropriate to show the child all the ways and do those which they prefer.

3. Timing of the EFT is very important as it is most effective when the person is experiencing the emotions/pain/feelings of their problem. Therefore, encourage the child to do EFT whenever they feel like doing it. This can be very helpful, for example if the child is being bullied at school they can do EFT at the time or soon after.

  • if you know or suspect that the child has a problem such as being bullied at school it can very effective to ask them to talk about their day when they are feeling relaxed. For example when they are in bed and settling for the night.

4. The length of EFT sessions will depend on many factors including the age of the child, their willingness to co-operate and the nature of their problem. It is obviously important to work to their level of commitment and interest but short, spontaneous or regular sessions (if working with a professional therapist) may be most effective. The child could regard the time that you set aside to work with them as being very special and this in itself can be very rewarding for all those involved.

5. It is very important to clear any issues that a parent has around their child. For example, while they generally want the best for their child they may have their own beliefs/expectations around this. These could affect their child. For example, thinking that “I want my child to be the best in the class..” could be putting unnecessary pressure on the child to perform. This could be creating its own problems such as anger directed to others, both at school and at home.


EFT is a very creative process. Don’t be bound by rules and methodology. Relax and explore its amazing possibilities. Remember, it is a technique for having F.U.N. (Freeing Unwanted Negativity).

Deirdre Brocklebank BA, Dip Reflexology, Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training Member RAA.

References: www.emofree.com. www.eftdownunder.com.au

Deirdre Brocklebank BA, Diploma of Reflexology, Cert, IV Assessment and Workplace Training, EFT Practitioner and teacher, Theta Healing Practitioner. Member RAA. d_brocklebank@hotmail.com http://www.ntpages.com.au/therapist/452

By Deirdre Brocklebank, BA, Dip Reflexology

This article first appeared in the EFT Insights online newsletter by EFT creator Gary Craig http://www.emofree.com/Children/baby-hiccups.htm

Comments by Gary Craig

OK…so maybe hiccups aren’t in the same class as war trauma or major diseases. Nonetheless, it is yet another use for EFT that should not be overlooked. In this case by Deidre Brocklebank of Australia, a group of people bring about instant relief for a baby’s hiccups by doing EFT surrogately. Some people erroneously think that EFT works simply because clients believe in it. In this case, however, the client is an infant that has no belief in it whatsoever.

Surrogate EFT for a baby with hiccups

I have been using and teaching EFT for over 5 years and I am always excited by the outcomes.

I was especially excited a couple of weeks ago at one of my workshops. My daughter had been helping me present the workshop and her husband was supporting her to do this, by looking after their four-month-old baby daughter, Suraya, in between breast feeds.

After the last feed on the second day of the workshop, Suraya had the hiccups. It was perfect timing as I was explaining surrogate tapping to the participants at the time. I decided we would all do surrogate tapping for her. We all stated our intention to surrogate for Suraya. We then muscle tested ourselves to check that this was accepted by stating, “My name is Suraya.”

We spoke the following setup out loud while we all tapped on ourselves. Even though I have the hiccups, I deeply and completely accept myself unconditionally with love and gratitude. We tapped all the points, including the fingertip points.

Suraya stopped hiccuping immediately and even though we all half expected a final hiccup it didn’t come. We were all delighted and even little Suraya looked pleased. We then muscle tested that we were no longer surrogate testing for Suraya by stating “My name is… (our own name)” and by then self testing for a strong response to this.

Deirdre Brocklebank BA, Diploma of Reflexology, Cert, IV Assessment and Workplace Training, EFT Practitioner and teacher, Theta Healing Practitioner. Member RAA. d_brocklebank@hotmail.com http://www.ntpages.com.au/therapist/452