I explain the healing modalities that I use and my experience and qualifications.

Rates for all services (*except FasterEFT, Japanese Cosmo Facelift and Ear Candling)

$110 for 60 minutes

$160 for 90 minutes

$210 for 120 minutes


FasterEFT rates and packages from 1 November 2015

Package A: The first FasterEFT step towards learning to love and accept yourself:  2 hour session of FasterEFT $300. Allow me to help you begin this journey by working with you to show you how your mind works and how you can change it and therefore change your life. You will learn how to self-apply the FasterEFT process which uses tapping developed from EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques); Hypnosis and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) to help you to experience peace in your inner world so that your outer world reflects this.If you decide at the end of the first session to continue onto another package (either B or C), the $300 and 2 hours will go towards that package.

Package B:  Continuing commitment to self development: 6 hours of FasterEFT $750. In six hours of sessions I will help you to progress along the path of commitment to yourself and your empowered life. You will receive homework and we will delve deeper into your mind, identifying and releasing what’s keeping you stuck, changing beliefs that no longer serve you and helping you live a happier life.  You have two months to use these hours.

Package C: Longer term commitment to self development: 12 hours of FasterEFT $1440. That’s just $120 an hour and a saving of $360. In twelve hours of FasterEFT in one-on-one sessions I can assist you over time to make changes in your life to help you to create the life that you really want. There will be homework. You may pay as you go and you have six months to complete these  hours.

Reflexology/other modalities combined

$120 Japanese Cosmo Face Lifting – (approximately 50-60 minutes)

$110 Reflexology and other combined modality sessions per 60 minutes

Follow up appointment times vary depending on the needs of the individual.

 For an appointment contact:

Tel: (02) 62516369  0412 605 274

email: brocklebankd123@gmail.com

Skype: skypebrock21


Payments can be made by cash, cheque or by direct bank transfer. Please contact me for bank transfer details.

Modalities and techniques 

Reflexology – conventional (sitting),Vertical Reflexology (standing/weight bearing)  and Facial Reflexology involve correctly stimulating or sedating reflex areas in the hands, feet and face which correspond to all the glands, organs and parts of the body. As well as relaxing tension and therefore helping to reduce stress, reflexology contributes towards improved nerve and blood supply which improves circulation; energy levels can increase and pain can decrease as the body finds balance.

Natural face lift with Japanese Cosmo techniques is very relaxing and cosmetic changes are achieved over a series of sessions using only the hands. The treatments are drug free, painless and cheaper than many other options.  Results can be achieved and maintained with initial fortnightly sessions. For details and prices please contact me. *Cost: $110 per session

FasterEFT is a methodology developed by Robert G Smith which integrates the most effective elements of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), BSFF (Be Set Free Fast),  NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), spiritual understanding, science and the mind’s great ability to transform itself.  It is very powerful and it addresses the entire mind/body system which includes what you think and how your process your thoughts along with the body’s responses. You can consciously change the references in the brain (subconscious) that control how you think and feel about things that happen in your life. *Cost see above

Auricular therapy is the stimulation of acupressure points in the ears to alleviate health conditions in other parts of the body. It can be particularly effective for pain management.

Ear candling is an effective, natural and relaxing method of removing excess ear wax and toxins from the ear canal. Ear candles have been found to be of benefit in the treatment of nose and throat congestion, sinusitis, headaches and tinnitus. The process is not recommended for certain ear conditions including recent ear surgery, ear drain tubes, inflammation in the middle ear cavity, acquired and/or congenital hearing loss and tumour in the ear. *Cost $80 per session

Australian Bush Flowers Bush flower remedies are catalysts to unlock your full potential to resolve negative beliefs and to bring about harmony according to Ian White, the Founder of the Australia Bush Flower Essences. I prepare individual remedies specific to the needs of each client. Cost $15 

The number of sessions required depends on the state of health of the individual. An immediate improvement may be noticed after one session, or it may take a number of sessions. My clients have responded well for a large range of conditions including inability to conceive, depression, anxiety, stress, sleeplessness, neck/back/shoulder problems, tennis elbow and repetitive strain injury.


Address: 8 Fitzherbert Place Bruce, ACT 2617 (battleaxe block)

Off street parking

Wheelchair accessible


Tel: (02) 62516369 (m) 0412 605274

email: brocklebankd123@gmail.com



My Approach To Healing

I approach the client in an Holistic way to determine what is appropriate to aid them in their healing.

Dis-ease is a result of an imbalance in the body’s physical being which is closely linked to the mind and spirit. The complementary therapies which I use work towards re-establishing the body’s balance (homeostasis) and to sustaining physical, mental and emotional well-being

The first step in this process is to reduce tension and induce relaxation, as stress is a major factor contributing to a multitude of modern diseases and disorders. Reflexology and tapping can help to do this. They can also be of benefit when the body is undergoing great changes such as during pregnancy, trauma, stress, anxiety, depression and mid life crisis.



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