I explain the healing modalities that I use and my experience and qualifications.

Meridian Tapping for stress and tension.

What is tapping?

Tapping is a technique for changing how we feel and react to stress. It involves tapping on meridian points on the body and addresses the entire mind/body system. This includes what we think and how we process our thoughts.   We can consciously change the unconscious mind to help to heal our body and improve our emotional health.

My clients have found it to be very effective for the release of: anxiety, low self-esteem, fears, phobias creative blocks , feeling stuck,  grief and loss, depression, relationship problems, trauma, cravings, headache, disease, allergy, pain, fatigue and addictions. They also generally report feeling more positive and lighter and/or as though a weight has been lifted from them after tapping.

I have found that it can also help to improve: weight control, energy levels, performance, sleep and relaxation, immune system and abundance in all aspects of our life.

Easy to learn

Tapping is easy to learn and apply.  Even children can do it.  It is also very flexible and creative in its application.  I sometimes use it for my clients with other healing systems in a treatment but I often only use the tapping on its own.

It works with people who do not visualize well and it also works with people who have no memories of an issue.  There is no need to search for words to say when you tap and you can do it mentally or physically because of the simple tapping process on specific meridian points on the body.

Tapping and Other Modalities

Tapping combines extremely well with reflexology because both are holistic, meridian-focussed, touch therapies which recognise the mind/body connection. I don’t believe that any healing modality is superior to another, but I work with those with which I feel most comfortable. I feel very fortunate to have found an excellent combination with reflexology and tapping supported by muscle testing techniques from Kinesiology. Meantime, I am having F.U.N. (Freeing Unwanted Negativity), while I continue to explore the wonderful synergies that exist between these modalities.

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“I have had several years of experience with meridian tapping and I was looking for someone who was able to help me break through my own “ceiling of limitations” and help me get to the next level of freedom within myself.  Then I found Deirdre.  I had one two hour session with her and she graciously helped me to catapult myself into an accelerated de cluttering of the old and launched me into the new.

I was so amazed and liberated by the experience.  During the two weeks between my next visit I have found my joy, found my groove and I am so excited about shedding more skins and becoming more of who I know I can be and less of all that other stuff.  So looking forward to working with Deirdre again and again and again.” C McM ACT

“Nothing else works for me quite like Faster EFT.  It always works quickly and leaves me feeling lighter and relieved.  Deirdre taught me a few things and I use it all the time.  It’s quite amazing, It’s helped me with my low self-esteem issues and left me feeling more confident and in control of my life.” NC Canberra

“I’ve been using the basic method of EFT for many years, and have now been introduced to FasterEFT through Deirdre.  In a session which focused on a shoulder problem which I’d had for many months, I had a strong childhood memory of chooks being shot.  The connection for me was that my arm felt like a flapping injured wing of the chook.  Besides laughing at this incredibly funny image, we tapped through, resulting in a happier chook that has now passed over to the “other side”.  The outcome for me was that I was able to straighten and raise my arm with minimal to no discomfort in a very short period of time.  I am pleased that my shoulder is still flexible and pain free months after that session.”  KK Canberra

“The Faster EFT session I had with Deirdre was valuable. As a process, it was straightforward and respectful; in it’s effect, insightful and freeing. It was interesting that what came up to be dealt with was not the issue I thought it would be but rather events from long ago, i.e. sexual assaults and car accidents. This was surprising. Over decades I’ve done a lot of work on the conditions arising from these events yet there were still traces in my body charged with emotion. Later, the realisation came that there was a connection between the assaults and the accidents: the same feeling of being trapped, pinned down (especially on the left side), my body harmed, blaming myself for not being able to stop what was happening, feeling a sense of anger, shame, betrayal, of being out of my body because it was too hard to occupy it. I sense that the weight of these undischarged emotions may have contributed to the development of chronic fatigue and a pattern of working too hard. Forgiving both myself and the abusers was truly liberating. We carry so many burdens unnecessarily.

During the session I was uncomfortable and a little tearful in remembering painful events. Immediately after the session, however, and in the days following, I felt terrific, light and cheerful.  The first night I slept very soundly and the next day had more energy than usual. Over the next few days I felt physically tired but emotionally relaxed and comfortable within myself. Now, one week later, I feel a nice sense of balance between the physical, mental and emotional bodies, of being more fully present.

Deirdre is a skilful and generous practitioner of FasterEFT. She has shown me an easy and accessible technique to call upon whenever I need it.” PC Canberra

Important note

The techniques, processes and ideas in tapping are not considered a substitute for consultation with your professional health care provider. Therefore, each person must take responsibility for their use of it.  Furthermore, the testimonials and opinions expressed by the individuals who contribute content are theirs only.


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