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 Japanese Cosmo Lifting

Natural Face Lifting

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What is Japanese Cosmo Lifting?

Sorensensistem ™ Japanese Cosmo Lifting is a natural, painless, relaxing, non-surgical, holistic face lifting beauty treatment developed and taught by the internationally renowned reflexologist Lone Sorensen.

It is facial muscle toning work with cosmetic changes achieved over a series of sessions using only the hands and Rosehip oil. Salt balls are used to cool and massage the face at the end of each session.

Lone developed the facial reflexology and face lifting techniques with knowledge from Oriental Medicine using Vietnamese reflex points on the face related to the meridians plus South American zones. The work is enhanced by the addition of Japanese techniques that stimulate and balance all organs of the body including the skin, the biggest organ of the body. It also balances the muscle tone of all muscles and acts on the lymphatic system to eliminate toxins and cleanse the skin naturally.

How many sessions?

A course of a minimum of 6 sessions, 1 per week is recommended for optimum results. However, one session is very relaxing and results may be noticed immediately.


age 39Age 39 – Before and after 11 sessions (23 days).

My skin is definitely clearer with less break-out of pimples. I found the sessions to be very relaxing and especially in the earlier ones I was breathing out big sighs of subtle tension in my body. KH

age 55Age 55 – Before and after 12 sessions (26 days)

I have always had bad skin as a result of a childhood spent outdoors in the harsh Australian sun and then teenage acne. By the end of the course I felt my skin was better in many respects – pore size was reduced, the surface texture had improved and had a nicer feeling.

Feeling good becomes looking good, and that was the best thing about the programme. Prior to undertaking the course I had chronic psoriasis and sinus problems, and the regular massages reduced the inflammation and eased both symptoms. The massages were very relaxing as well as being therapeutic and I would thoroughly recommend the programme.. HL

age 62Age 62 – Before and after 9 sessions (20 days)

I found all the treatments very nurturing and relaxing. I feel more focused and have noticed that my mind is “sharper”. I am sleeping more soundly since the treatments and have a great sense of well being. PM


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