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By Deirdre Brocklebank, BA, Dip Reflexology

Extending the hand of friendship took on a new meaning for me in 2001. During January to April that year, my daughter Holly and I travelled through Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, North and South India, Nepal and Tibet and we visited Los Angeles and Samoa on the way home. Holly had been in China for six weeks to complete her degree in Chinese Medicine (specialising in Acupuncture), so I picked her up from Nanning in Guanzhou and that’s where our adventures began.

On our travels I was hoping to experience different healing modalities but in fact, I was given the opportunity to offer healing assistance more often than I was given the chance to receive any from people from other cultures. Fortunately, Holly and I were able to help each other with our different conditions that we suffered while travelling, including travel stress and fatigue; stomach cramps, “Delhi Belly” and in my case, also severe mouth ulcers.

I used Foot and Hand Reflexology, plus the other modalities of Pranic Healing (working with energies through the body’s charkas); Auricular Therapy; Acupressure and Reiki. My efforts were often complemented by Holly’s skills in Acupuncture, Pranic Healing, Acupressure and Massage. On several occasions, we combined our knowledge to assist with healing by applying principles of Chinese Medicine with Reflexology. My knowledge of the former was much more limited than Holly’s, but our combined efforts generally seemed to get good results.

For the purposes of this article, I will mention a couple of occasions where I was able to help with healing. Overall, I assisted more than 30 people from America, Austria, Australia, China, England, India, Israel, Nepal and Switzerland with their various conditions of dis-ease. The conditions I worked on included general stress, low energy, “Delhi Belly”; stomach cramps; nausea; vomiting; diarrhoea; altitude sickness; period pain; impotency; asthma; lost voice; sore eyes; sinus; headaches; neck/back/shoulder pain; bruised/sprained wrist; bruised elbow; sore hip; weakened leg muscles; pain from a broken leg and pain from an old ankle injury.

Not only did the offer of helping with healing provide us with an immediate link to the people we met, but it also provided us with an insight into understanding different cultures and why people act as they do. On one memorable occasion in India, when we were nearing the end of a mammoth 26 hour train trip, we started talking with two young Indian men. Before we knew it, at his friend’s request, I was giving one of them Reflexology for general stress and asthma, and Holly and I were both making suggestions to this 33 year old about how to deal with stress. He said that we were the first people to give him some advice on this. He had apparently been raised to regard life as a battle, to always be serious and to look at the negatives rather than the positives. It was wonderful that we were able to build up trust so quickly with this man and all the other people whom we assisted. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that Reflexology is a non-invasive, touch therapy and that the benefits can often be felt very quickly. This encounter was just one of many similar experiences for us and we felt really privileged to be given the opportunities to interact with people in this way on our travels.

Another highlight for me was when we visited an emporium for clothes and artefacts in Jaipur, India. One young employee, had a bruised and swollen wrist. He agreed that I could give him Pranic Healing with my crystal. I did this for a few minutes and then I showed him how to work on his ankle to correspond with his swollen wrist, by applying the reflexology principle of referral areas. The next day we went back to the emporium and the man showed me that his wrist was no longer swollen or bruised. In no time at all, other employees (all men), were lined up for healing. The next man indicated to me the prostate points on his wrists and said he was having problems and did I understand what he meant. He confirmed my understanding that he had become impotent and that he and his wife were not happy about it. I did some relaxation techniques on his feet and then I worked on his head and neck, shoulders and musculo/skeletal, adrenals and reproductive reflexes in his hands and feet and we parted with “Tonight’s the night”. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to check with him how successful the treatment had been as we left town the next day.

The following man in the same emporium had a stiff shoulder; the next had lower back pain and the next young man had a swollen elbow as a result of a motor bike accident. I worked the relevant muscular/skeletal and respective reflex points on their hands and feet and each of them told me that they experienced almost immediate relief. I also showed them where to work on their own hands to help with their respective injuries. The last man had already had open-heart surgery and he was now faced with more surgery plus a life of living on drugs. I told him I couldn’t offer a miracle and suggested that he go to the Sai Baba free hospital in Bangalore * which specialises in treating cardiac and neurological conditions. I was, however, able to read his feet (thanks to Chris Stormer), and I told him that he appeared to be literally suffering from a broken heart. I felt that he was doing too much for others and not speaking his own needs and desires. He needed to open up and communicate what he wanted. Dark spots appeared across his emotional/feeling heart lung zones on his feet as we spoke. He agreed with everything that I said and I only hope that he was in a position to do something about it.

The amazing thing about all the healing encounters in India was that we had been told it is considered very bad manners and etiquette to touch or to draw attention to the feet in public in that country. Even pointing one’s feet towards another is regarded as highly offensive. Yet there I was, giving Foot Reflexology to Indian men while sitting in a public place. This happened not only on these two occasions, but also on several other occasions in India and also in Nepal, where the same rules of etiquette apply.

Because we were moving continually and we were not staying in one place for very long we couldn’t always have feedback on how the healing that we offered had helped. Despite this, I generally found that people responded positively and very quickly to muscular/skeletal work, in particular for sore shoulder/stiff necks and/or headaches. Holly, however, was a constant, and so I was able to monitor her responses to Reflexology over a longer term. She found great relief from travel stress from the general Reflexology workouts, particularly the Chinese Method. She also swears by the effectiveness of pressing on the stomach reflex (left hand), for providing almost instantaneous relief from her stomach cramps. I might add, that this was despite the fact we were bouncing along in an open jeep while looking for rhinoceros in the Chitwan National Park in Nepal. She also got great relief from applying pressure to the lower spine on her hands, while we were bouncing across Tibet in a badly sprung four wheel drive.

We were both grateful for our knowledge of healing (particularly of Reflexology for me), as it was fantastic in helping us to bridge the gap between ourselves and people from other, often very different, cultures. Through a desire to help people to deal with their various conditions of dis-ease we were able to develop strong bonds with them in very short times. The more we travelled the more we realised that regardless of their cultural backgrounds, most people seem open to accepting help to improve their health. Language and different other cultural traits are no bar to this.

* The Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Medical Sciences in Bangalore was an inspiration to us as it showed what can be achieved in the name of love. The hospital has 330 beds and 12 operating theatres. We found it hard to believe that the entire Institute and accommodation quarters were built within a year and those buildings plus equipment etc and ongoing costs are paid for from unsolicited donations. Prospective patients line up at the gate and then they are processed and, if necessary, admitted for treatment. The director “walked” us through the hospital on the computer screen. He said that one of the hardest things for the overseas doctors to come to terms with, was the fact that Sai Baba believes that everyone, regardless of their financial situation, should be given the same high quality of care for their specific cardiac and neurological conditions and that this treatment is offered free of charge. The doctors were initially coming from a Western viewpoint that people should pay for their specialised health care.

Updated September 2008

Deirdre Brocklebank BA, Diploma of Reflexology, Cert, IV Assessment and Workplace Training, EFT Practitioner and teacher, Theta Healing Practitioner. Member RAA. d_brocklebank@hotmail.com http://www.ntpages.com.au/therapist/452


By Deirdre Brocklebank, BA, Dip Reflexology

My journey along the healing pathways began in the late 1970s when I first experienced hands on healing. It was also the first time that I was instructed on how to give this type of healing. This was through a spiritual church in Canberra, the National Capital of Australia.

I have formalised my healing activities since then with a Diploma of Reflexology and attendance at numerous workshops/seminars/conferences and public presentations. The work that I now do is the result of years of theory and practical application for Reflexology and other healing modalities. I work from a home-based clinic in Canberra which is convenient and offers me flexibility.

I now feel I have completed a circle in my healing activities. This is because the healing at the Spiritual Church was from Universal love energy (the Creator, or God, or whatever you chose to call the Source from which this energy flows) and I am now tapping into this energy with Theta Healing.

In my practice I now combine elements from some of the modalities which I have studied including Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Shiatsu, crystal healing, Pranic Healing, Kinesiology, Reflexology, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Theta Healing. My main modalities are the last three that I have listed. I have found my clients benefit greatly from the combination of those modalities. They generally experience rapid reversal and positive changes from what they have been experiencing in their lives on all levels, whether physical, emotional, spiritual and/or mental after our sessions.

I am currently working with several clients who are experiencing different degrees of depression ranging from paranoia and panic attacks to bipolar. I have had several other clients with the same conditions over the last few years but not in clusters like now. Practising therapists will no doubt identify with the phenomenon when they get several clients with the same conditions all seeking help at the same time.

I have documented the following short case summary to demonstrate how I combine Reflexology, EFT, Theta Healing and Kinesiology (muscle testing) in a session. This summary is for two sessions for a male client of mine with depression. I will call him Johnny. Johnny is 40 years old. He was diagnosed as a compulsive obsessive and a major depressive by his GP 2 months ago. He is taking the anti-depressant drug Luvox. He was diagnosed as having ADHD when he was a child but his mother refused to have him put on drugs and she dealt “with it with love and discipline.” Johnny always felt “different” at school. He also has an intense fear of how he will die, rather than a fear of dying. His most pressing concern was that he has “moderate” panic attacks which he believed came from being bullied in a previous work place situation a year before. He has also been agoraphobic for some time and has felt unable to leave the house. He regards himself as a hypochondriac and his fears about his health can also lead to panic attacks. He is overweight and this concerns him. He is quite proud that he has shown will power by stopping smoking 2.5 years ago.

Johnny arrived at his appointment with his wife as he felt very apprehensive about seeking help for his problems. It was a big step for him as he had previously refused to seek help when his wife suggested it.

I use muscle testing with EFT and also for testing for Theta Healing beliefs. It was interesting to note that my client responded to “Johnny” but also sometimes to ” John” when I was muscle testing him. He explained that “Johnny” was for his close friends to use. I believe that it was an indication of the rapport that we built, that he responded only to “Johnny” for the muscle testing in the latter part of the session.

This uncertainty about which name he responded to (and in a sense who he was), lead into valuable discussions about his main issue. He’d had a very uncomfortable situation at his former work place a year before and it had affected his self esteem. Apparently, a colleague whom he had supported had begun to say untrue things about him to his supervisors. He asked to meet with her to resolve the issues and to “start again.” She agreed and appeared to respect this, but she later reverted to her former behaviour. He felt betrayed and unsupported, particularly when she got a position for which they had both applied. According to his wife, “he is not able to move forward in his life and is being held back by his attachment/anger towards what happened in his previous work environment”.

As mentioned previously, Johnny had not sought help with this problem before despite his wife’s urging. He only agreed to see me because his feelings of lack of self worth had so escalated that it was affecting his new job and sometimes he was unable to face leaving his house. This was happening despite the fact that his new manager is very supportive and understanding of his depression. His low self esteem had contributed to his weight gain and the belief that he was only safe and supported at home.

I decided to apply Theta Healing to clear self-sabotaging beliefs around the work incident, before doing the EFT. I used muscle testing to confirm which beliefs he held and later to test whether or not the beliefs were cleared. The beliefs that were cleared were: I mean nothing; I don’t exist and I am not good enough. He believed that his life would be good if he was happy. Before clearing sabotaging beliefs around happiness the following beliefs were cleared: I deserve to be worried and I don’t deserve to be loved (because he had equated love with happiness). I downloaded I have the Creator’s discernment and understanding of love, and cleared, I am afraid of love. After clearing these beliefs the following beliefs about happiness muscle tested as positive: I affirm my desire to be happy; I believe I can be happy; I choose to be happy and I deserve to be happy.

Johnny was much more visibly relaxed after the above work and in order to shift his focus from the conditions and perceived weaknesses with which he has associated himself for years, I asked him to tell me what he liked about himself. He listed the following: I’m honest, funny, happy, loving, I can be moody, I tell jokes and I’m easy going.

I explained EFT to him and we both tapped on ourselves for the following setup for the work incident. “Even though I felt betrayed by L……. after I helped her to get a position where I worked and it was great initially, but then she changed, probably because she saw me as a threat. I felt like a pariah and rejected. Even so I deeply and completely accept myself unconditionally with love and gratitude.” He rated his feelings of being betrayed and unsupported at that work place as 9.

After doing the setup he tapped on himself while I tapped on myself from the Top of Head to the Karate Chop points using phrases from the above setup. The phrases he said included the following: she betrayed me; she saw me as a threat; she turned others against me; she made me feel worthless; she told others I was a liar; she hated me and they hated me. I tapped on his Collar Bone point for emphasis when he became emotional and teary. After one round I felt his energy shifts and he was aware of relaxation through his throat and chest. When I asked him to rate the intensity of the issues he said, “Who cares.” “It’s her problem.” When I asked him to retell the story he had no reaction but merely observed of his antagonist that; “She changed.” The incident occurred almost a year ago and muscle testing confirmed that “there are no other incidents relating to the incident with L….. that now need to be addressed.”

Other beliefs that I identified (and then either cleared or confirmed with muscle testing) which could have affected his work situation were: I am understood (no); I choose to be supported (yes); I am pulling my weight at work (yes); I am letting them down at work (no); I am appreciated at work (yes) and I now choose health, balance, joy and happiness (yes).

As often happens when using EFT, either after a problem is cleared, or while it is being addressed, Johnny recalled another incident at another previous work place (in Western Australia). It was to do with himself and a drug addict. He thought he had dealt with that situation and was surprised that it came to mind. I cleared the charge around this by clearing the following belief: I am carrying the trauma of that incident in Western Australia.

Johnny agreed that he has fallen into the habit of acting out his diagnosed conditions. He believes he is a hypochondriac as he believes that he has whatever condition he sees on television or reads about. This is something that we will address more in future sessions along with other beliefs around his obsessive compulsiveness, depression, agoraphobia, panic attacks, ADHD childhood experiences and weight issues, plus anything else that becomes apparent during sessions.

He was very excited by how relaxed he felt during the Reflexology and how good he felt at the end of the session. He felt excited by the future and was looking forward to our next session.

Johnny arrived on his own for his second visit. He looked and sounded more cheerful and confident. He also felt “recharged”. He had been to work all week since the last session and he had no hesitation in leaving the house or being at work. He also noticed that when he came home from work he was eating much less than normal but still feeling satisfied.

He still regarded himself as an obsessive compulsive, because he felt compelled to wash his hands at least 10 times a day if he handled anything dirty. He thought that this obsessiveness started when his family moved interstate (from Queensland to Victoria). As they moved regularly for his father’s work, he did not see the move itself as creating a problem. To test his response and degree of compulsion, I handed him a clod of dirt to rub into his palms. He did this without any hesitation and didn’t feel the need to wash his hands for the rest of the session and even before he went home. Muscle testing confirmed his belief that he developed this compulsion after an incident at school when a school mate told him that cats choke on hair balls. It was interesting to note that his hand washing compulsion appeared to have cleared even though we had not addressed it directly.

Johnny realised that his allergy to cats also started soon after his friend told him that cats choke on hair balls. He tapped on the Karate Chop point while talking about the incident. We cleared the belief that I am carrying the trauma of what A….told me about hair balls in cats. He then tapped on the Karate Chop point again while he retold the story. Muscle testing confirmed that more work needs to be done in the future on his allergy to cats and that his allergy is to their saliva not their fur. To assist with further work on this allergy at another session I used Theta Healing to clear I now know how to live without being irritated by cat’s saliva.

Johnny didn’t feel the need to do beliefs on depression or panic attacks because he was feeling so good. However, we used Theta Healing to clear the following beliefs around agoraphobia as this had been one of his big concerns last session. The beliefs were: I am afraid of being alone; I will lose control if I go outside; I will be hurt if I go outside; if I go outside I will be betrayed; people are dangerous; I can’t do anything; I am afraid of my own power/strength; I am weaker than everyone else; I can’t defend myself and others are stronger than me.

He was very pleased that muscle testing confirmed I now choose balance/harmony/health/wealth in my life. He was excited about the work we were doing and he described it “like reading a book you can’t put down”. He didn’t feel “in my core I am depressed or melancholy or anything like that”.

I then used a combination of EFT and Theta Healing to clear the belief love hurts. I cleared the belief with Theta Healing after Johnny had talked about the relevant issues around this belief while he tapped continually on his Karate Chop point. One of the main issues was that he doesn’t believe that his parents should be together as his father is verbally and mentally abusive to his mother.

Another belief that both he and his wife thought that he had was I’m scared of how I’ll die. It was interesting that muscle testing indicated that he no longer has this belief even though we had not worked on it directly.

In any future sessions with Johnny I will check the intensity of his hand washing compulsion, the intensity of his allergy to cats and any sabotaging beliefs he may hold around hypochondria and weight loss. Meantime, I have suggested that he do one- hand tapping while doing his compulsive acts such washing his hands or overeating. (This is a technique suggested by Dr David Lake of Australia). http://www.eftdownunder.com

I find that the changing of beliefs, plus the teaching of new feelings and the downloading of new emotional states with Theta Healing both complements and expedites the efficacy of EFT. EFT is still in my opinion, one of the best self-help, energy therapy techniques and I teach it to my clients to use for themselves.

I always tailor my sessions to meet the individual needs of each of my clients. Therefore, the modalities I use in a session will depend on the issues and conditions that they have. For example, I may apply more EFT than Theta Healing in some sessions or vice versa and I may not always use Reflexology. Sessions are 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 120 minutes.

I don’t believe that any healing modality is superior to another, but I work with those with which I feel most comfortable. I feel very fortunate to have found an excellent combination with Reflexology, EFT and Theta Healing supported by muscle testing techniques from Kinesiology.
7 July 2008.

Deirdre Brocklebank BA, Diploma of Reflexology, Cert, IV Assessment and Workplace Training, EFT Practitioner and teacher, Theta Healing Practitioner. Member RAA. d_brocklebank@hotmail.com http://www.ntpages.com.au/therapist/452

By Deirdre Brocklebank, BA, Dip Reflexology

The connection between reflexology and the meridians has been well established and documented. Some excellent references are “The Art of Reflexology” by Inge Dougans and “Chi-Reflexology Guidelines for the Middle Way” by Moss Arnold. The nexus for the link between reflexology and acupuncture is the concept of energy channels (meridians) that is pivotal to both these practices. Both act on the premise that this vital energy, considered the foundation of health, traverses the body in exact and orderly patterns. Both practices assert that illness or pain is caused by blockages within these energy channels and both work holistically to restore the body’s own healing potential.

As all reflexologists know, the effects engendered by stimulating the feet are attributed, in part, to stimulating the reflexes which represent a perfect microcosm of the body on the feet. Effects are also due to stimulating the six meridians in the feet. These meridians penetrate the major organs of the body. Consequently, the stimulation facilitates clearing blockages along meridians and encourages the vital body energy to flow unimpeded. By incorporating this knowledge into the practice of reflexology, one is able to correct energy imbalances through regular reflexology treatments together with advice on lifestyle factors that contribute to them.

I have found that this knowledge about meridians can also be extended to the application of the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) with reflexology. I am a practising reflexologist and I have been using EFT for about seven years, either on its own or in a session including reflexology. I may also apply other modalities including Theta healing, Pranic Healing and Reiki depending on the client’s needs. I also use Bush Flower Essences and I am currently looking at the potential for healing offered by essential oils.

For those who don’t know, EFT is a meridian energy therapy and it is highly effective for resolving negative emotions such as anger, grief, fear, guilt, stress, jealousy and depression and it can also reduce physical pain. It can also be applied to “feeling stuck”, energy and motivation, attracting abundance and enhancing performance in work, sports and creative pursuits.

The premise on which EFT is based is that emotional distress is due to a disruption in the meridian energy system and this can give rise to physical as well as emotional symptoms. EFT balances the disrupted meridians by tapping into the system through specific acupuncture points. This assists in releasing stress from both the body and mind (conscious and subconscious), as the meridian system communicates with every organ and physiological system in the body.

EFT and reflexology have worked well together for the benefit of my clients as they are both holistic, meridian based touch therapies which recognise the mind/body connection. The mind/body connection is particularly obvious when doing EFT as physical pains which manifest during a session can often be quickly resolved by tapping for the physical pain itself and/or for the emotions associated with the pain. For example, one of my clients had been suffering from sharp pain in her left shoulder and while doing EFT she realised that the pain intensified when she was thinking of or talking about her mother. Once she addressed the issues around herself and her mother the pain disappeared and did not reappear in future sessions of EFT with her.

I also noticed that the previously mentioned client, like many of my other clients who had been dealing with physical pain plus very intense emotional issues, obtained a very deep sense of wellbeing and peace from the reflexology following the EFT in the same session. I believe that the benefits of the reflexology for those clients were enhanced by the EFT work before it. This is supported from the feedback from a colleague after she attended one of my EFT workshops. She used the technique on two clients and she told me that ” both seemed to feel a lot calmer afterwards. One of them even went to sleep during the ensuring reflexology, which is quite unusual for her, as damage to her lower back usually starts her right leg jumping after a while, and we have to do VRT to finish.” [VRT – (Vertical Reflex Therapy) is applied while the person being treated is standing, or at least putting pressure on their feet or hands].

Sometimes my clients may feel very tired after EFT particularly if they have resolved and let go of very deep emotional issues. I have found that they can be significantly re-energised by the reflexology following the EFT in the same session.

EFT can be effectively applied during a reflexology treatment to clear very tender reflexes. For example, a client’s kidney reflexes were very tender and she said that she felt afraid. We had been dealing with issues of fear earlier in the same session using EFT and so I asked her to think of those issues while she tapped on her Collar Bone points (K 27), while I worked the kidney reflexes in her feet. The tension cleared almost immediately from the reflexes. She then developed a pain in her actual spleen. I asked her to tap the Under Eye points (St 1) while I worked the spleen reflex in her foot. NB I was applying the principle of partner organs and the stomach is the partner organ to the spleen. Again the pain cleared almost immediately.

Reflexologists apply their techniques to the hands as well as to the ears and feet. EFT also utilises acupuncture points on the hand meridians in addition to acupuncture points on the body and face. These acupuncture points are associated with key emotions according to kinesiology and principles of Chinese medicine.  I am still exploring the potential for applying EFT points on the hands with reflexology. This could include the client tapping or holding their hand points while I work their corresponding foot reflexes. For example, they could tap the Thumb point (Th) on the side of their thumb nail (LU 11) while I work their lung reflex for emotional and/or physical lung related conditions.

With the exception of the points on the Governing and Central channels, all the EFT tapping (acupuncture) points in the head and body are on meridians that also go through the feet. I have, therefore, been exploring during a reflexology treatment, either tapping or holding the points on the feet which are on those meridians.

For example, I have had clients tap or hold the Eye Brow (EB) points on the Urinary Bladder (UB) meridians while I tap or hold UB 67 on the lateral side of their small toe nails. The Side of the Eye (SE) point is on the Gall Bladder (GB) meridian so I tap or hold GB 44 on the lateral side of their fourth toe nails. The Under Eye (UE) point is on the Stomach (St) meridian so I tap or hold St 45 on the lateral side of their second toe nails.

The potential for this approach was demonstrated to me when I applied it with a particular client who became very emotional during seated reflexology while she was thinking about her step father. He was dying at the time and she was deeply affected by this. Even though we had done some EFT tapping on this issue before the reflexology, it was obviously still an intensely emotional issue for her. I asked her to tap the EFT points on her face and body while focussing on her step father’s condition. As she did that I held each of the equivalent points on her feet.  She found that she quickly became calmer and felt a lot better after one round of the EFT combined with me holding her meridian points in her feet.

As previously mentioned, the acupuncture points on the feet are on the actual meridians and don’t therefore necessarily correspond to the anatomical positions of the EFT points on the face and body. For example, the Under Arm (UA) point is actually on the spleen meridian so I held the Sp1 acupuncture point located medially on the big toe rather than the anatomical under arm equivalent. Likewise, the Under Breast (UB) point is on the liver meridian so I held the Lv1 acupuncture point located laterally on the big toe rather than the anatomical equivalent.

As also mentioned previously, the Governing and Central vessels are only located in the trunk and head and so there are no corresponding meridian points in the feet to these points. However, I have found it very interesting that on several occasions when clients have been experiencing strong emotions during seated reflexology, that tapping the top of the big toes (which equates with the Top of Head point – Governing 20), is very powerful and calming. One good example of this was with a client who became very emotional while I was holding the Lumbar 5 point with the knee/leg/hip/lower back point in precision reflexology. She recalled in detail her rape when she was 16. She talked about the event while tapping on her TH to KC points on her face, body and hands. I alternated between holding the K1 (Solar Plexus) points bimanually and tapping the TH point equivalent on the top of the big toes, also bimanually. She felt a release in the tension that she had been feeling in her bowels and considered that it had an emotional rather than a physical cause. She had told me when she arrived for the treatment that she thought the discomfort was due to a gastric upset.

Sharon Strathis (founder of the Reflexology Academy of Brisbane, and teacher of Ayurvedic reflexology) has kindly informed me since I first wrote this article: “It is interesting to note that you mention tapping the top of the big toes. In the Ayurvedic system, this is where two major nadis (energy channels) have their apertures to the exterior. Working these nadis has a profound effect on the movement of energy (prana/chi) on the associated side of the body. The apertures are also located at the tip of the thumbs close to the nails.”

I may also tap across or hold below the nail on the dorsal aspect of the big toe for an approximate, anatomical equivalent for the under nose and chin points which are on the Governing and Central vessels respectively. The associated main emotions are feeling unsupported on the Under Nose (UN) and feeling overwhelmed on the Chin (CH) points.

I have also found EFT to be very effective if a client applies it to themselves when I am giving them VRT. For example, one client had a very sore right knee and lower back. Her knee/leg/hip/lower back reflexes on both her foot were very tender. I worked these reflexes as she focussed on the discomfort in these reflexes as well as in her actual knee and lower back, while she tapped on the SE (gall bladder meridian point) alternatively with the EB (urinary bladder meridian point). I asked the client to tap these points as they are on the meridians that pass through the areas which were painful in her body. The tension in the reflexes cleared very quickly as did the actual physical pain in her knee (lateral side) and also in her lower back.

I am continuing to explore the potential for healing which is offered through reflexology and the other modalities that I use for the best outcome for my clients, while having FUN (Freeing Unwanted Negativity) as I do this.

EFT Chart

As a therapist I prefer my reference material to be presented in a clear, concise and structured format which is why I have created an EFT™ chart which incorporates the main emotions from a Kinesiology and a Chinese Medicine perspective and identifies each relevant Chinese meridian point with its EFT point equivalent by using diagrams and tables. To purchase a chart go to the connection from the “Tapping Chart” tab on this site.

Revised July 2008

Deirdre Brocklebank BA, Diploma of Reflexology, Cert, IV Assessment and Workplace Training, EFT Practitioner and teacher, Theta Healing Practitioner. Member RAA. d_brocklebank@hotmail.com http://www.ntpages.com.au/therapist/452

By Deirdre Brocklebank, BA, Dip Reflexology

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) never cease to amaze me and I find surrogating in particular, to be an extraordinary phenomenon. Therefore, I was pleased to be able to demonstrate the efficacy of this technique at an EFT workshop which I recently conducted.

There was a small group of 7 participants plus myself at the workshop. All participants had some experience with EFT but not all were proficient at muscle testing. Therefore, I regarded the following exercise as an excellent way to instill confidence in surrogating with EFT and also in using muscle testing as part of the process.

We were surrogating for a 4 year old, male, beagle dog named Sherlock, as his owner, whom I will call Tina, was concerned about him and asked for assistance with him during the workshop. However, she didn’t give any information about Sherlock before we started doing the EFT on him so as not to influence our work.

I asked the group to identify what concerns, feelings, emotions etc they were picking up from Sherlock. They quickly identified the following: sad, anxious, lonely, and uncertain (possibly food related or comfort eating). Possible reasons for these feelings were then suggested. They included that he felt he was left alone, he had a “bad” in-utero experience, at seven weeks he may have experienced separation anxiety possibly when he was weaned). The group identified that he also felt: separation stress, dumped, abandoned and he had a traumatic experience around 2 years ago. They also identified that his main physical conditions included facial injuries, pain around the knee on his left leg and back pain between his shoulder blades.

Tina, then explained that Sherlock was deeply frightened around 2 years ago. He was being walked when he was suddenly attacked by a dog that he had normally teased while walking past. The dog had injured Sherlock’s left leg and face during the attack.

I asked a participant with extensive muscle testing experience to test for each of Sherlock’s following beliefs that I identified: I am not safe, I have a heavy burden, I am not loved and those who love me leave me. I then cleared those sabotaging beliefs with Theta healing.

Tina became very emotional and upset when I was doing the beliefs for Sherlock. (She later told me that it was because she realised that it was about 2½ years ago that she lost three other beagles. One was killed by a train when he was with Sherlock. One was also with Sherlock when he went missing and never returned and the last one died of old age. She also realised she was very angry with her parents because they were minding the dogs at that time. She has been addressing this issue with EFT since the workshop).

I then asked the group to surrogate tap for Sherlock after first muscle testing for permission to test for him and to work with him on his issues.

We then tapped on ourselves for the following setup: Even though Sherlock was deeply frightened 2 years ago and his left side and mouth were hurt, I deeply and completely accept Sherlock unconditionally with love and gratitude for his Best and Highest Good. We repeated the setup three times and then we tapped one round of “Sherlock was deeply frightened 2 years ago and his right side and mouth were hurt.”

We all reassessed his demeanour and thought that he was happier but still carried some back pain. He seemed much more comfortable after we tapped one round of the following Choice Statement: I now choose calmness, comfort, contentment, peace and harmony.

Sherlock had been lying quietly until we finished the Choice Statement. He then stood up and wagged his tail. The feeling around the group was that he felt lighter as well as happier and had a definite spring to his step. He also appeared to be free of physical pain.

Tina mentioned that he still had an issue that was frustrating her. This was that he constantly pulled when he was being walked. The group determined with muscle testing, that he was happier being walked with a slip on choker around his neck rather than with a harness. (This made sense, when Tina told us that he had been wearing his harness when he was attacked by the dog).

Sherlock was taken for a walk about half an hour after the session. He walked with a lead attached to his neck collar and without the harness. Tina was very happy to report that he didn’t pull on his lead for the first time that she could recall and that he seemed to be perfectly happy being led by the lead. He also slept in his own bed the next three nights, for the first time for several months without trying to climb onto Tina’s bed.

Four days after the workshop Tina reported; “He is pulling a bit, but not as much as he does with the harness. He seems happy on the lead so I’ll keep using it and see how we go. He jumped up on the bed half way through last night and slept there because I was too exhausted to move him. I think it had something to do with it being insanely cold last night. He felt like an ice cube when he jumped up. But other than that I would say there has been a marked change and he has been absolutely fantastic this week for the first time ever. So that’s great!”

This was an interesting demonstration of surrogating with EFT and has had positive outcomes for both Sherlock and Tina. For example, she has realised that if she can be free of her own issues she will help Sherlock to be free of his.

Deirdre Brocklebank BA, Diploma of Reflexology, Cert, IV Assessment and Workplace Training, EFT Practitioner and teacher, Theta Healing Practitioner. Member RAA. d_brocklebank@hotmail.com http://www.ntpages.com.au/therapist/452

By Deirdre Brocklebank, BA, Dip Reflexology

I have been using and teaching EFT for more than six years. I am also a registered reflexologist and I use EFT combined with reflexology and other energy therapies including Reiki, Pranic and Theta Healing* for most of my sessions with clients.

This is a case study for a young woman in her late twenties whom I will call Anne. Anne came to see me for assistance with several conditions including general anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, asthma (when under stress) and back pain from having broken her Lumbar 4 & 5 and her coccyx several years ago. She also had an extreme phobia for spiders generally, and the Australian Huntsman spider in particular. She was also concerned about her weight.

This is an interesting case as it demonstrates how her phobia of spiders is interwoven with her lack of trust of men, fear of violation/invasion and fear of being alone in a house. I combined EFT with Theta Healing and reflexology in seven sessions over a 5½ month period.

For the purposes of this article I will focus on the phobia of spiders and related issues rather than the physical conditions.

The break up with her fiancé was a highly emotional issue for Anne. I employed Theta Healing to change her belief that “this will be hard to shift” before starting to tap with EFT. She had extreme pain in her heart and nearly as bad in her stomach. I asked her to feel and name the emotions as they arose without doing a setup. Statements included “I’m in agony”. Theta Healing cleared her belief that “I’m not good enough”. After a couple of rounds of tapping her heart still felt heavy but she began to see the other person’s perspective as she “felt sorrow and compassion and sadness for her ex fiancé”. We did a few rounds for “this constricted breathing”. She then tapped for “Even though ……….let me down and betrayed my trust and I felt rejected I deeply and completely accept myself unconditionally with love and gratitude.”

She felt better thinking about her ex-fiancé after this, but intuitively realised from a pain in her collar bone that she “betrayed herself.” She felt this was because, against her better judgement, she had befriended the woman who betrayed her with her ex-fiancé. We tapped for this betrayal and included the choice statement “I now choose to move on from this experience with love and gratitude for the lessons I have learned.” Even though she laughed and said she felt much better she still had some heart bruising. The positive effect of this work was confirmed when she thought she saw her ex-fiancé in the distance two weeks later and she wasn’t affected in any way by this.

In the second session I used EFT and Theta Healing to address weight beliefs. These beliefs were to do with frustration, negative beliefs eg I am fat, I don’t want to lose weight etc overeating addictions, compulsions, fears eg I’m afraid I’ll feel deprived if I lose weight. I downloaded and taught new feelings around eating high vibrational foods to nurture her body. A belief that she was angry at herself muscle tested positively and we addressed this as, “Even though I am angry and I don’t know why, I just am and I will be if I want to be, I deeply and completely love and accept myself unconditionally with love and gratitude.” After tapping she realised that she was afraid of being alone and this made her angry. I changed this belief with Theta Healing plus the associated ones of “I failed” and “I don’t deserve happiness”.

We then addressed two specific incidents that she recalled to do with spiders. Incident one occurred was when she was 4 or 5. Her baby sitter told her, that when she was taking a shower, she found a huge Huntsman spider in her towel against her skin. Anne felt real fear remembering it and she was in shock and dry retching. Incident two occurred when her sister put a tomato shell on her shoulder and told her it was a spider. She still felt great fear talking about it

We tapped for each of these issues with the following setups and appropriate statements: “Even though I hate big, hairy, moving Huntsman spiders with attitude I deeply and completely accept myself unconditionally with love and gratitude.”
“Even though my baby sitter told me she had an experience with a spider on her towel and I took on her fears as I was only a child and I had a great imagination I deeply and completely accept myself unconditionally with love and gratitude.” She did one round of “I took on my baby sitter’s fear of spiders.” This was followed by the choice statement “I now choose confidence and peace around big Huntsman spiders and White Tailed spiders.”

When repeating the story she felt some charge so we tapped for, “This remaining fear of Huntsman spiders.” She then repeated the story with no charge. However, when I tapped lightly on her leg like a Huntsman walking on her, her fear was slightly retriggered,

We tapped on the following set up for the second incident. “Even though M…. pretended there was a big spider on my shoulder and I freaked out and was hysterical I deeply and completely love and accept myself unconditionally with love and gratitude.” We then did two rounds of “I freaked out” but she still had some charge when she retold the story. She was tired and requested we finish the session with reflexology.

By the third session Anne reported a significant change in her reactions to thoughts of spiders and associated events because of the EFT. However she still felt some reaction when I asked her to think of the spider incident with her baby sitter again. She felt this was because she was afraid she would pass her fear onto her young relatives.

I suggested she recall the incident using the run the movie technique. She called the movie “The Lucky Escape.” It ran for 20 seconds. She saw a small child in kitchen. The baby sitter was showing off and scared the child with a spooky story when she saw the child playing happily with a spider. The babysitter warned her to be careful. The child left the kitchen very frightened. When she re-ran the movie with her eyes closed, she thought of the spider up against her and shuddered. We addressed her fear with the following setup. “Even though I hate the thought of a big hairy Huntsman against my skin I know it’s my baby sitter’s fear but I can’t help it and I took it on, even so I deeply and completely accept myself unconditionally with love and gratitude.” She was obviously very scared so I tapped on her with her permission and asked her to identify with the spider by naming it. She called it “Hairy Legs”. She was still reacting to the thought of it on her bare skin. I employed Theta Healing to identify and change the main self sabotaging belief around the fear which was “I need to be in control of my life all the time.” I also changed the associated belief “I’ll die if I fail”. This was a very emotional issue as she was crying. She agreed to test her reaction to the thought of the spider on her bare skin so I brushed her arm slightly. She had no reaction to that. However, she still reacted to, “Crawling legs on my bare skin.” After a round of this she had no reaction when I brushed her arm as she thought of the spider on her skin and felt “better.”

That was a very important session as Anne had the realisation that her fear of intruders, fear of being alone and fear of her nightmares started after the first spider incident. We tapped for, “Even though I dreamt that someone climbed in my window and I was kidnapped and tortured, I deeply and completely accept myself unconditionally with love and gratitude.” We changed the following beliefs with Theta Healing. “Spider man climbed in my window at night and kidnapped and tortured me.” “I have to suffer to live”, “I now choose joy in my life” and “Life is suffering.”

I recommended that she tap in advance for her fear of nightmares with a setup along the lines of the following: “Even though I am scared I will have the invasion dream tonight and respond accordingly and I’ll be unable to wake myself up and if I do I’ll be paralysed with fear and unable to move. Even so I deeply and completely accept myself unconditionally with love and gratitude.

At the fourth session I showed Anne a photo of big Huntsman spider. She had a strong adverse reaction to even looking at it. It triggered the memory of a what she had initially thought was a dream that she had about a White Spider. However, when she woke she found it was not a dream. We tapped for, “Even though the White Spider disappeared under my bed and I couldn’t find it and I was terrified and I didn’t know where it was and I can’t sleep in a room with a spider in it, I deeply and completely accept myself unconditionally with love and gratitude.” After a couple of rounds of negative statements she introduced new positive words about the spider including “stunning, translucent, beautiful with “running quickly”.

Following this tapping, she intuitively felt that she was scared by what she thought was her dream as she “couldn’t satisfy her need to be in control” It was interesting to note that she had begun to use positive descriptive words about the spider, including “white, beautiful, translucent”, with the less positive, “unpredictable, fast, devious, well-hidden, camouflaged, sneaky and kamikaze.” One round of “wake me up spider” was followed by two rounds of “very delicate and beautiful spider”. This resulted in a significant change, for when she looked at the photo of the spider again she could hold it and described the spider without any symptoms of stress. She also was able to look more closely at it as she mentioned its mouth mandibles and that it only had seven legs. This change didn’t last long and we tapped for, “This band around my head”. Her main sabotaging belief around this fear was that she is powerless. We also changed other associated beliefs including, “I don’t deserve happiness.” “I don’t know what it feels like to experience happiness in my life.”

Anne’s insomnia was related to traumatic incidents in her life including the attempted suicide of a close relative while she was asleep in the same house. I cleared related beliefs with Theta Healing to do with doubts about her abilities, plus the most significant belief that “I am vulnerable when I am sleeping.” This was related to her fear of being attacked while asleep and it only cleared after “I am a failure” was replaced with positive downloads. The belief that “I can never let down my guard” was cleared after we changed, “I have to control my life in order to survive.” After changing “I am afraid of spiders” she then muscle tested positively to “I am not afraid of spiders.” However, she was resistant to letting the belief go consciously, as she said “I don’t believe this, because I am still afraid.”

Anne requested only reflexology at the fifth session as she felt very sensitive after the session the week before and was feeling nauseous at the start of this one. Furthermore, she had used the EFT for herself during the week.

I received this email from Anne two days before the sixth session which we had about three months later, and after the EFT workshop that I conducted and which she attended.

“I’ve had the arachnophobia for about twenty years, since I was five or so. Over the years I’ve tried lots several means of clearing those fears but ultimately have had little success. This weekend I worked on the issue over two days. On day one a number of issues came up around spiders that we tapped through and I felt the fear pretty intensely but struggled through, tapping along the way. On the morning of day two I was in the shower when I realised there was a large daddy-long-legs above me on the ceiling. Usually I would immediately get out of the shower and would be unable to take my legs off the perpetrator until it had been removed from the house. However, on this occasion I remained in the shower and tapped on it, all the while looking at the spider. Then I washed my face and even managed to close my eyes, all the while repeating affirmations and then continuing with tapping. I have never managed to do this before and while it was a challenge I was really proud of myself afterwards. I left the spider there in the bathroom so I could allow myself to be further challenged the following day. Later on day two I felt like there was a breakthrough when I had the realisation that much of this fear is connected with feelings of betrayal that have arisen in experiences of my encounters with spiders. Through the EFT process I tapped on issues of betrayal and felt the level of fear around spiders decrease. On day three when I went to the shower my spider was gone. While I still feel there is more to work on in clearing this fear I really do feel that the EFT has helped me to clear a lot of it. So thanks heaps!!!”

This sixth session was very important as Anne confronted several incidents in which she had felt some betrayal and self recriminations where she felt she had let people down.

We also tapped for her guilt of not being there for her mother and another close relative when they needed her. She then tapped to address her deep sense of betrayal when neither her mother nor father believed her when she said a male relative whom she loved and trusted, had made improper advances to her. She tapped on the Karate Chop point for “My parents are not emotionally there for me when I need them. I now choose to love and accept my parents unconditionally.”

The seventh formal session was just prior to Anne moving into a new renal property on her own. She tapped for being scared to be in the house on her own because of fear of invasion. She related this to an incident in which there had been intruders in her house and she slept through it. However, but still felt ill when she realised what had happened. This was very much related to her fear of relationships with men and involved clearing many beliefs including, “If I go to sleep I’ll die” and “If I go to sleep I’ll be violated”

We then tapped on the sensations of a strangled feeling including “vulnerability, dizziness, stuck in my throat, not being able to ask for help, no voice.” She felt better and finished with, “I now choose to be heard” and “I now choose strength and harmony.”

The success of the sessions with Anne’s spider phobia was further supported by the fact that a couple of weeks after the last session, she had calmly removed a poisonous spider from her house with no reaction whatever. A month later she cleaned out a shed “full of spiders” Once again she had no reaction at all.
Deirdre Brocklebank BA, Diploma of Reflexology, Cert, IV Assessment and Workplace Training, EFT Practitioner and teacher, Theta Healing Practitioner.

NB when I mention clearing or changing beliefs with Theta Healing I am also including downloading positive replacement beliefs.

Deirdre Brocklebank BA, Diploma of Reflexology, Cert, IV Assessment and Workplace Training, EFT Practitioner and teacher, Theta Healing Practitioner. Member RAA. d_brocklebank@hotmail.com http://www.ntpages.com.au/therapist/452

By Deirdre Brocklebank, BA, Dip Reflexology

This article first appeared in the EFT Insights online newsletter by EFT creator Gary Craig. http://www.emofree.com/articles2/emoto-and-eft.htm

Comments by Gary Craig

Those who have studied Dr. Masaru Emoto’s work regarding the effect of our emotions/intentions on water will find this article of high interest. Deirdre Brocklebank of Australia sees an interesting correlation between EFT and Dr Emoto’s work and details her findings for us. Thanks go to Steve Wells for bringing this our attention.

Strong correlation found between EFT and Dr. Emoto’s work with water

I have been asking myself could there be more to the vibrational impact of EFT on the body than we realise? For instance, how does the tapping impact on the body outside the energy system? As an adult body is about 70% water it seemed to be appropriate to begin my research on this. This focus led me to the fascinating work with water by internationally renowned Japanese scientist Dr Masaru Emoto and the correlation between his principles and those of EFT.

Of particular relevance to EFT is that after many years of research Dr Emoto has demonstrated that molecules of water are affected by our thoughts, words and feelings. Since the earth and humans are composed mainly of water his message can be seen as one for personal health, global environmental renewal, and a practical plan for the creation of peace that starts with each of us. Dr Emoto regards his work as a exploration of how the cosmos works. Water has taught him about the ‘delicacy of the human soul and the impact that “love and gratitude” can have on the world.’

Dr Emoto has visually recorded the impact of different vibrations on water by freezing it and by photographing the resulting crystal formations. Some of his photographs are shown in his books “The Hidden Messages in Water” and The True Power of Water.”

The following principles are basic to Dr Emoto’s work and of relevance for EFT.

1.Water is the life force and it is sensitive to all vibration.

2.The entire universe is vibrating and everything has a unique frequency (sound).

3.The Universe is naturally in balance and harmony, and discord has a destructive vibration.

4.The words “love” and “gratitude” form the fundamental principles of the laws of nature and also of the phenomenon of life.

Every living cell requires water and we are dependant on the fluid flow in all the different systems in our bodies including the body’s electrical system. Dehydration, will cause the energy system to be sluggish or severely repressed and this is one of the recognised causes of Psychological Reversal (PR) in EFT. For this reason, and also because people can become very thirsty while doing EFT, it is necessary to drink water during the session. Correct hydration is also essential for accuracy with muscle testing.

Dr Emoto discovered a close correlation between peoples’ emotions and affected body parts. Of particular interest to EFT is that he found that excess fear resonated with the kidneys. The kidneys maintain the constancy of fluids to our internal environment. They filter fluid from the bloodstream and are the major excretory organs. His findings concur with the Five Elements Cycle in Chinese medicine in which the kidneys are affected by the negative emotion of fear. In EFT the collarbone point is also the Kidney 27 point in acupuncture. I have found this to be a very powerful point in EFT which is not surprising given its connection to the kidneys, water and the emotion of fear.

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity explains that physical matter including the human body is made of energy at the sub-atomic level. The principle is universally accepted in the scientific world and the Science of Quantum Mechanics generally recognises that substance is nothing more than vibration. EFT practitioners have been successfully applying this principle for years and the clinical results prove it

Dr Emoto calls this universal vibration hado which means “all the subtle energy that exists in the Universe.” Water is sensitive to hado and according to Dr Emoto, water acts as a mirror of the vibrations created in the world. This energy can be positive or negative.

Humans are each vibrating with their own unique frequency and have the sensory skills necessary to feel the vibrations of others. My EFT experiences have enabled me to develop my skills in this regard. As a result, I now often intuitively tune into the subtle as well as the stronger more obvious emotions that my clients experience during EFT sessions with them.

I also feel a range of physical sensations that they too experience during the sessions. As our frequencies change, we literally resonate with one another. I believe this is because I tap together with the client and often speak the same or relevant words for the problems on which we are focussed. Gary has discussed this effect in his Borrowing Benefits concept.

Another phenomenon that I have experienced with EFT is that many of my clients tell me that after doing the technique they have unexpectedly been able to relate better to people with whom they previously had conflict. These were not necessarily people that they consciously addressed using EFT. So even though the person themselves has not necessarily made a conscious effort to “make peace” with another, their vibration had so changed after the EFT that they experienced greater resonance with the other’s energy. I believe that it is highly likely that this change has occurred as a result of tapping into the meridian system plus changes in the vibration of water in the body.

Dr Emoto has developed a device that measures various vibrations of the body at cellular level. He has expanded its use to measuring hado in his development of hado medicine for which the fundamental principles are vibration and resonance. According to Dr Emoto, “When the cellular vibrations in different parts of the body are disturbed due to various reasons, our body can make a wrong turn. When this situation occurs, a new external vibration can be given to the disturbed cell so as to resonate with it, thus, its intrinsic vibration is restored.”

The description of how these principles work aligns very closely to the Psychological Reversal phenomenon in EFT. This is caused by self-sabotaging, negative thinking which often occurs subconsciously and is therefore outside our awareness. It is a polarity reversal in the body’s energy system -the energy is there but it doesn’t flow correctly. It is generally present when a person confuses words, numbers and/or concepts and when they are thinking negatively, and acting irrationally and irritably when they are doing EFT.

In EFT, the correction for Psychological Reversal is made by tapping (ie introducing new external vibration) and making a Setup statement which acknowledges the problem (negative words) and creates self acceptance despite the problem being present (positive words). This changes the vibration in the meridian system, and most likely in the water in the body as well.

Of great significance to EFT is Dr Emoto’s contention that water carries information both negative and positive to all the cells in the body, coupled with his visual recording of water’s ability to understand the meaning of words.

He discovered that the vibration from negative words has the power to destroy, whereas, the vibration of the “good” words has a positive effect. The words may either be written or spoken. He considers that all the vibrations both good and bad impact on water in the body. This has a profound impact on our health and general attitude and demeanour.

Tapping into the meridian system with EFT while stating negative and positive words also has a profound effect. This is because when a disruption of the energy system is calmed and relieved, the person no longer experiences pain and/or or negative emotions from the original memory or thought, as the associated feeling has been “disconnected” according to Sylvia Hartmann, the founder of EmoTrance.

Dr Emoto also discovered that water exposed to the written words “love and gratitude” produced the most beautiful and perfect of all the crystals that he recorded. He contends that these words form the fundamental principles of the laws of nature and the phenomenon of life. He found that while “love” has healing powers on its own, the words “love and gratitude” together form immunity in healing. EFT incorporates the words “love” and “accept” into the Setup statement. Even though acceptance of oneself is a type of gratitude it could be even more beneficial, given Dr Emoto’s research, to incorporate the word “gratitude” and other similar words expressing thanks when doing EFT.

Dr Emoto states that words spoken with determination have strong powers. He was able to observe this in 1999 when 350 people assembled to pray for the cleansing of Lake Biwa in Japan. The algae that normally formed in the lake did not appear that year. He used Einstein’s equation of E=MC2 to explain the phenomenon of the healing of the lake. He considers that the “C” can equate to “consciousness” as well as to the speed of light which is the normal interpretation. In this case “M” could equal the number of people consciously focussed. This concept is not new to EFT practitioners who have experienced Gary’s Borrowing Benefits phenomenon, as referred to earlier.

Everyone knows that negative emotions and feelings are a part of us. It is also quite obvious that with an attitude of positive thinking our health often improves.

Dr Emoto believes that we can correct our hado by using the opposite word. So for example, “hate” has a opposing frequency to “gratitude”, “anger” to “kindness”, “fear” to “courage”, “anxiety” to “peace of mind”, “pressure” to “presence of mind” and so forth. The EFT work by Patricia Carrington on choices beautifully exemplifies the efficacy of this.

Dr Emoto’s research has also demonstrated that while words have their own unique vibrational frequencies these can be effected by the vibrations of the person speaking or writing the words. The implications for EFT centre on the importance of using the individual’s own words rather than only those of the therapist when tapping, unless of course there is agreement on the words.

The following is another of Dr Emoto’s findings that is worth developing for EFT. He found that water responds to intent so we can say positive prayers to water which gains the power to potentially answer our prayers. He believes that we can send stronger hado to water by praying in the past tense rather than the future tense, as though the prayer has already been answered. According to Dr Emoto we can make our thoughts and intentions stronger by doing this. He also believes that it is important to have a strong image of the desired result. Loudly vocalising the words gives off a stronger hado than writing them on paper. He suggests that a practical way to create your own hado water is by writing words on a piece of paper and sticking it to your water bottle with the words facing inwards. Dr Emoto recommends drinking five glasses of this water per day. If you don’t have a specific wish then he suggests using the words love and gratitude.

I decided to do a small practical experiment with four people and seven glasses of water to test some of Dr Emoto’s principles. The purpose of the experiment was to revise muscle testing in a workshop while testing whether written words could affect the taste of water. One person was muscle tested by three different people for glasses of water which were each exposed to one of seven words. These words were unseen by the person being tested and the testers, until after all the testing had been completed.

Results confirmed that water exposed to different words changed taste. When the person was muscle tested, “nice” tasting water tested strong and “not nice” tasting water tested weak. Three glasses tasted neutral. For these, the muscle response was very weak for water exposed to “ungrateful”, strong for “live” and very weak for “bad”.
The results were useful for finding issues to pursue with EFT. For example the person in this experiment liked the taste of, and muscle tested very strong to water exposed to the word “die”. However, on two occasions she didn’t like the taste of the water exposed to the word “live” and she muscle tested weak on this. When asked later how she felt about dying she answered that she was quite happy about the thought of it. By contrast, living was a challenge at the time because she was about to retire and was not sure about her financial future.


There is a strong correlation between Dr Emoto’s findings and EFT principles.

Dr Emoto’s pioneering research has provided sound evidence of the impact of thoughts, words and feelings on the body through the medium of water.

Whereas Dr Emoto’s work measures the impact at a personal and global level, EFT provides a therapeutic approach to influence and manage negative emotion at the individual level. Thanks to Dr Emoto’s work, it is now possible to understand more about the wider therapeutic implications of tapping into the meridian system through EFT.

Deirdre Brocklebank BA, Diploma of Reflexology, Cert, IV Assessment and Workplace Training, EFT Practitioner and teacher, Theta Healing Practitioner. Member RAA. d_brocklebank@hotmail.com http://www.ntpages.com.au/therapist/452

By Deirdre Brocklebank, BA, Dip Reflexology, EFT Practitioner and Teacher.

This article first appeared in the EFT Insights online newsletter by EFT creator Gary Craig http://www.emofree.com/Articles2/postnatal-depression-deirdre.htm

Comments from Gary Craig

Deirdre Brocklebank, from Australia, steps us through the many steps of a successful resolution of postnatal depression (resulting from a stillborn birth).

EFT Resolves 12 years of postnatal depression

I have been using and teaching EFT with great success for more than five years. I am also a registered reflexologist and I use EFT combined with Reflexology and other energy therapies including Reiki, Pranic and Theta healing for most of my sessions with clients. The majority of my clients are women and I particularly enjoy working with issues around pregnancy.

This particular client, whom I will call Mary, is a teacher’s assistant and she was feeling very stressed about getting a job as a result of school closures and restructuring of the education system. Her main concern, however, was the postnatal depression which she’d had for the last 12 years. The depression started after the stillbirth of her second child but it was undiagnosed for 10 years.

She had been on antidepressants for the last 2 years. Mary’s first child was born by caesarean delivery but she had since had a third child by normal delivery. Mary had also been experiencing tinnitus for the last 25 years as well as headaches, migraines, sinus with head pressure and tension, plus fatigue and low energy. She had also experienced repetitive strain injury in both her arms since 1982.

The first two-hour session with Mary was comprised of one hour of EFT followed by one hour of vertical and seated Reflexology including Ayurvedic massage.

I asked Mary if she would like to start the session by talking about the births of her first two children. She agreed and as she had some experience with EFT, I asked her to tap on herself while she talked.

She told me she “desperately wanted a natural birth in the birth centre” for her first child and in her words “despite taking castor oil, the first baby didn’t come.” As a consequence of this she had a caesarean. Mary was not able to rate the intensity of her feelings around this so I asked her to describe what she was feeling emotionally and how she felt physically. She said she was feeling defeat with chest tightness and tension in her bowels.

I explained Patricia Carrington’s EFT Choices routine to Mary, as she was not familiar with this. We then each rubbed on our own Sore Spot for the following setup statement. Even though I desperately wanted a natural birth in the birth centre and it didn’t happen, I now choose to believe and accept that the caesarean was perfect for the Highest Good of both myself and my daughter.

I tapped randomly on Mary’s Top of Head (TH), Eye Brow (EB) and Collar Bone (CB) points while she tapped one round through from the TH to the KC while making negative statements including I wanted a natural birth and I failed; she came when she was ready even though I took the castor oil… This was followed by two more rounds in which she tapped from the TH to the KC while making similar statements.

During this tapping Mary developed an increasing tightness in her chest. It felt as though she had a tight belt around it. I asked her if the belt was buckled or tied. She said it was buckled and I asked her to mentally “unbuckle” it to release the tension. This was very effective.

Mary then felt a sharp stabbing pain in her heart chakra. I asked her to visualise pink light going in through her crown chakra and then into her chest and heart chakra. I guided her in visualising this light going throughout her body with love, while it removed any grayness and pain and sent it into the earth. I then asked Mary to visualise white light going through her to bring in unconditional love to her entire body. The pain in her heart chakra disappeared. (I often use lights in this way to bring in love energy and to remove hurt).

We then tapped on ourselves for her constricted breathing. Mary’s breathing became easier very quickly following this and she no longer had any remaining tension in her chest.

Mary and I then tapped on ourselves for a couple of more rounds while she made positive statements including, I did the right thing choosing a caesarean for my first daughter. This was followed with a round in which she alternated negative statements with positive statements. The negative statements included I feel guilty about having a caesarean; I failed as a woman; I failed as a mother; I failed my daughter; I failed myself; I’m a control freak… The positive alternating statements included that mentioned above, plus I’m perfect the way I am. Following this tapping routine, Mary was able to repeat the story of the caesarean birth with no adverse emotional or physical reactions.

Mary then became very sad and distressed while talking about her second child’s birth. Once again she had desperately wanted a natural home birth even though she was advised to have a caesarean. The outcome was that she did have the baby at home (with a doctor present) and even though “it was a completely normal birth” the baby was born dead.

She was very distressed and crying while she told me this and so I asked her to focus on the memory of the incident while I tapped on her. I spoke the following setup statement while I tapped. Even though I had a stillbirth and if I hadn’t wanted a home birth so much it would have been OK. I failed the baby and myself as well. Even so, I deeply and completely accept myself unconditionally with love and gratitude.

With her permission, I tapped on her CB points while she repeated the following forgiveness statements after me. I forgive myself for creating this. I forgive anyone else involved in this. I am ready to let it go. I let it go now. I let it go completely. Mary was crying during this. I then tapped her gamut point and she did the 9 procedures for this point while focusing on the birth. I then asked her to follow my hand with her eyes (without moving her head), as I moved it from floor to ceiling while she tapped her KC and repeating the following after me. Even though I still feel sad that I had a still birth I deeply and completely accept myself unconditionally with love and gratitude, plus the forgiveness statements mentioned above.

When retelling the story Mary said, “I had a still home birth and the contractions started 10 minutes before Ebony was born.” Mary was feeling deep sadness but it was general and she no longer felt it in a specific place in her body. I suggested she mentally thank her daughter for the privilege of knowing her and that she send her love. She is quite spiritual and she said that she and her husband “know” that their daughter is still connected to them in love. She also knew that “the birth was meant to be.”

Mary was now feeling lightness instead of overwhelming sadness and tension. I muscle tested her and found that she was dehydrated so I asked her to visualise her body taking in water when she drank. She immediately re-hydrated and this was confirmed by muscle testing . (I often suggest to my clients who have trouble hydrating, that they imagine they are a sponge while drinking the water. This visualisation is very successful in helping with hydration).

Mary then retold the story of the stillbirth and shocked herself when she said “I had a wonderful still birth.” She burst out laughing about this. She said for the first time since her daughter was born dead she was feeling joy, instead of pain when she thought about her.

Mary also responded well to the Reflexology after the EFT and during the treatment she felt energy flowing into her arms and fingers where she had the repetitive strain injury.

At the end of the session she felt lighter, without any tension in her chest. She also no longer had any pressure in her head which was unusual for her.

I have since seen Mary for two more treatments. The stillbirth is definitely no longer an issue for her and her energy improved dramatically after the first session. The next morning she woke up feeling great and went for a walk “for the first time in ages.” She looked as though she had had “an emotional face lift” and she felt as though “a light had gone on inside” her. After the second session her energy dropped off a bit due to work and other stresses and we addressed this in the third session.

Deirdre Brocklebank BA, Diploma of Reflexology, Cert, IV Assessment and Workplace Training, EFT Practitioner and teacher, Theta Healing Practitioner. Member RAA. d_brocklebank@hotmail.com http://www.ntpages.com.au/therapist/452