I explain the healing modalities that I use and my experience and qualifications.

Testimonial by Dr David Lake M.D.
E.P. Author and Presenter, Medical Practitioner and psychotherapist. Co-originator of Provocative Energy Techniques. (P.E.T) www.eftdownunder.com.au

“Deirdre Brocklebank has two distinct advantages as an Energy Psychology practitioner. She is extremely well-grounded in the basic tradition, and has a creative and enquiring mind. This is what our field needs to refresh and recharge the wellsprings of learning.”

EFT workshop testimonials

“I found the entire workshop to have been very professionally presented. The content was interesting, thorough, and appropriate. The course contained all the relevant information and practice necessary for me to utilise EFT in my own practice, and to teach it to my clients.” DM Psychologist 13/11/03

“Thanks for a great workshop. Amazing the powers of tapping. I have found tapping a great way to deal mentally with my frustrations with my ongoing medical problems and pain. It doesn’t take the pain away but gives me a calmer outlook without having to resort to Valium. Thanks for the learning experience.” WE 10/05/06

“Just wanted to thank you for your amazing course. I must say by the end I was exhausted, but this week it is all sinking in. Your manual is a great resource to look at and clarify.” CK 24/09/06

“… so much going on in my life… but everything is good. I have very nice memories about the workshop and it has doing me very good. My life seems a bit easier and I think I actually have let go of many things of my past. Also when I get my anxious moments it works great! So thanks again. I already have used the EFT a bit as well on one of my massage clients, he enjoyed it.”

(Feedback on her plant Lilly for which we did surrogating at the workshop).

“Well Lilly… kind of funny, if I would have wrote you back a few days ago, it would have sounded like that: I gave her a new place, a crystal and then she started loosing lots of her green balls who should become flowers, so I thought well, didn’t seem to work that well, even though she looked happier then before. Anyway now it changed. S….. has put her on the balcony and she immediately started to blossom. Now slowly they started opening up. So great news! So thanks again for everything!” KW 13/10/06

“Thank you for such a wonderful course, I loved it and have got so much out of it. After the first day having worked on issues surrounding my seeing myself as fat, I went home and as always, had to run the gamut of Acland Street (filled with wonderful cake shops and a particularly good ice cream parlour!) and for once I had no interest in such things. I walked past and thought about stopping and realised that I really had no desire to have my usual chocolate & peppermint ice cream. I would have had to force myself to actually eat it.

There was a party that night, I don’t tend to like parties, I feel this huge pressure and dread people not wanting to talk to me (seeing myself as fat and unattractive) so I did some tapping on this before I went. I can honestly say I have never had so many men come to talk to me as they did that night. I felt confident and at ease.

I also gained some real insights into myself and the issues I hold… rest assured, I am already tapping away working on these. It is a job for life, but to quote someone far more wise than myself, it’s about the journey, not the destination, and with this gift, I feel my journey will be far more rewarding and travelled with greater ease.” LB 26/02/07

“Thanks so much for the workshop. I learnt a lot out of the two days. I was blown away by my response to water. I didn’t think that would happen. I’m surprised that this evoked a much greater physical response than the other traumas that we have worked on, which to me have had much greater and more debilitating affects on my life. So, I’m curious – is it because you were also doing theta healing as well as tapping on the other issues, or is it because I am no longer paralysed by my past that I can feel them now? Maybe a bit of both?. I really am quite blown away by it. Anyway – thank you once again, it also reminded me how careful we have to be (and have a bit of skill) and an idea on what you are getting into before trying to help others with issues, I know I was starting to extra panic before you came into the room. Can you extra panic?” LC 13/7/08

EFT testimonials

“I feel lighter and I am no longer scared about my pregnancy. I also feel relieved and more positive.” JH 26/04/02

“I have always lacked confidence in my general relationships with others. However, I went through the RITT process only a couple of times and my attitude did a 180 degree change. The RITT technique was so easy and so quick that one is suspicious of anything that happens with so little effort but it certainly seems to have made a big difference on a very important issue to me.” FD 17/02/03″All my life I have steered clear of applying for jobs but now I am excited about doing job applications. This is a huge shift for me.” MO 25/02/03

“Well, I’ve been teaching the ‘tapping’ to several of my clients. One came in last Friday with a ‘splitting’ headache and since she was unable to do much therapeutic work, I taught her the strategy and we both worked on her headache. It reduced from 9, but the SUDS was still 3-4 so we changed the wording to take in her upcoming exam stress and “pufff” the headache went. As a 17 year old sceptic, she was quite amazed.

I’ve used it on my own headaches, and it worked well. I’ve taught it to a male truckie client who is facing a court hearing for his compensation claim on Monday. I’ve been called to give evidence, so we’re both going to be ‘tapping’. He thinks it’s hilarious. So, it’s going to be part of my repertoire of therapeutic skills I can teach my clients, and with confidence.” DM Psychologist 08/11/03

“I cannot thank you enough for bringing EFT into my life, it is truly amazing. I have had a phobia of MOTHS all my life (even knowing it started as a joke, with my father and brothers, did not ease my crippling fear of moths). Over the years I have tried many, many treatments for my phobia, I did learn to control my reactions (sort of) but try as I might I could do nothing about the fear inside but at least I didn’t stand and scream blue murder any more.

After a few short minutes of EFT I could think of a moth without gut wrenching fear. I found that almost unbelievable and I was waiting to find a moth to see what my reaction would be.

While on holidays I found a moth, the biggest moth I have ever seen, 15 to 16 cm at least, it blew me away to be able to touch it with my finger, I did jump back when it fluttered its wings but my reaction was the same as any other creepy crawly.

Again Deirdre thank you, to say I am grateful to you is an understatement.”
AC Dip Clin Hyp; CTM & JP 20/11/05

“I also would like to say thank-you for the work you did on me. It has helped and is also helping me realise how I truly feel about things – I have to say that I am feeling emotionally stronger and better about my situation now.” SD 14/03/06

” I was feeling that I am being judged by others for my knowledge, stemming from childhood, being youngest of 8, being told what to do and how to do it from mother to siblings….. I now have a better sense of self and feel great to be me. I feel softer and less desire to want to ‘prove’ myself to be accepted.” KK 1/04/06

“Things are doing great, I am still not tapping everyday but its the first thing I do now when I am feeling overwhelmed. You will be pleased to know, I conquered my fear of flying! My husband and kids took me to Sydney for Mothers Day. We flew and stayed on the 29th floor of the Hilton, so I got to work on my fear of the lift too. I only baulked once (and that was because we didn’t have the key). I have also sat
in the dentist chair and have 3 teeth pulled out (one more to go, I used tapping, but still needed the magnesium tablet to calm me.” TP 13/6/07

“Some positive feedback from this arvo’s session with L…..! L….. has had no appetite for some time and had started to lose some weight. Even though he had had lunch today on the way back he could not get over how hungry he was and had to go immediately to get a meal! I think that was great!” LR 22/11/07

“I had a 2 hour ride on Dancer on the 4th including trotting and cantering and I am feeling much safer on him. – Thank You.” UMcE 06/01/08

Reflexology testimonials

“I have NEVER had a foot session like it. It was truly amazing and wonderful and certainly shifted a lot of stuck energy.” KA 6/11/01

“The healing was wonderful and I really did, and still do, feel so much stronger and more positive. I have woken up this morning with inner strength that I have not felt in a long time!” BB 16/07/02

“Last year, the treatment you gave me immediately after I sprained my ankle, meant that I had a much quicker recovery time than I usually do from ankle sprains.” BP 28/01/04

“Thanks for a fantastic session yesterday. I slept like a baby last night for the first time in ages. My neck is not sore and tight like it usually is. And the foot massage was heavenly!” CT 14/12/06
“After you performed your Reflexology (Reiki) on my feet and hands, my dreadful headache left. I was able to relax and enjoy the night much more. In fact my whole body felt more relaxed, it’s just what I needed, I even had a good night’s sleep.” D R 15/12/07

“Thought you might like to know that you worked some magic on my lower back
last Sat. Had a sore coccyx for one day and then the sciatic pain which had been bothering me for months disappeared. I can still remember the sensation, but the pain has gone. So thank you.” DL 09/05/07

CosmoFacia (TM) Japanese cosmo (natural face lift) 

I entered the Japanese Cosmo programme with nothing to lose and left feeling that I had gained a great deal. I was reasonably sceptical but it was important that  even if it did not work I would not be worse off, unlike some medical /cosmetic procedures. Deirdre delivered what she promised and by the end of the course I looked and felt better.

I have always had bad skin as a result of a childhood spent outdoors in the harsh Australian sun and then teenage acne. By the end of the course I felt my skin was better in many respects – pore size was reduced, the surface texture had  improved and had a nicer feeling (that’s the only way I can really describe it!).

Photos can show changes to the outside of your face and that is what the world sees, but the confidence that comes from inside is more important because it changes how you feel about yourself. Feeling good becomes looking good, and that was the best thing about the programme. I have had many positive comments from friends and customers, such as “You are looking good, have you been on holiday?”

Prior to undertaking the course I had chronic psoriasis and sinus problems, and the regular massages reduced the inflammation and eased both symptoms.

Deirdre’s technique was excellent and she was always warm, positive and supportive as well as being the consummate professional. The massages were very relaxing as well as being therapeutic and I would thoroughly recommend the programme.

We women work hard, we look after our families and then grandchildren – sometimes our ageing parents as well. We don’t always make time for ourselves. We worry about our faces and our bodies and bemoan middle age. So, go do this for yourself. Today. HL 27/4/2011

Theta Healing testimonials

“I just wanted to touch base with you in regard to the Theta Healing Circle… I am not sure what you did during the healing circle and I am not sure what I felt as it was very subtle. However I have noticed a distinct shift in my energy and at the same time I can’t really explain it. Also work colleagues and friends have commented that I am looking well – and as I haven’t done anything different I am putting it down to the theta experience with you in the healing circle. Also I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. So, I wanted to thank you for your part in my new experience.” MO 26/11/06

“The DVT has improved 95% since the session on Wednesday. Before yesterday my leg was quite hot and painful in about six sites and each site had the appearance of a red bruise, varying in size from a cricket ball to about a 20 cent piece. Today the bruises have changed colour from red to a faded brown and I’m not experiencing any pain.” MO 5/9/08

Combined modality testimonials

“I think you may have produced a small miracle for me. I did the 85kms up a few nasty hills without any trouble, but the real telling is in the recovery. I expected to be very tight through the hip this morning but I wasn’t! Just a wee twinge every now and then. I’m using the acupoint/patch on my ear and the pain there is not nearly as sharp as it was.” JC 11/08/03

“The EFT and reflexology I received altered my thought patterns. I had a reoccurring belief that I would always start my life tomorrow and that other people’s needs were to be dealt with first. The treatment gave me the realisation that I didn’t want to be rejected by people hence why I put them first. I felt a definite shift in my feet they now feel wide and relaxed. During the sessions I could feel pulses and sensations in my heart, throat and legs. It also stimulated my memories and I would often remember things said and done that had been long forgotten. I am now very happy and I love my life and have accepted this is my life. Now I have been shown EFT it is easy to tap out any feelings or thoughts that arise. This is very helpful.” GE 15/09/05

“I also would like to say thank-you for the work you did on me. It has helped and is also helping me realise how I truly feel about things – I have to say that I am feeling emotionally stronger and better about my situation now.” SD 14/03/06

“Just wanted to tell you I’ve been practising my ‘clearing’ & am So Pleased with the results. Anyway the real reason I’m here is you may recall me saying that I’m not a smoker but I had been smoking a lot lately (goodness what denial!). I haven’t had any since our session nor do i feel like any but I would like to be armed with a tool in case the ‘need’ arises. My ‘problem’ is that I’m not sure how to phrase the statement. Would ‘although I feel like smoking I am willing to release this need & love myself & my body unconditionally” be ok?? Goodness Deirdre, did I just get there myself?? Oh PS & I Still don’t care a hoot about ‘that’ story!” RJ 20/07/06

“I just wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done for me – I just wish I’d found you earlier! Life is going reeeally well for me, and I think it’s all because of you! I just wanted to thank you for the amazing difference you have made in my life!” LC 31/05/06

“I like the way you work combining Theta and EFT and feel it would enable your clients to work through a lot of stuff fairly quickly.” SW 27/09/07

“L… has had no appetite for some time and had started to lose some weight. Even though he had had lunch today on the way back he could not get over how hungry he was and had to go immediately to get a meal! I think that was great!” LR 22/11/07

“Deirdre helped me overcome and get to the bottom of the emotional issues that were holding me back from living the life that I want. Thanks to her impressive insight and healing skills, my issues were cleared with little effort and now I can move forward and create the life that I want.” AI 10/07/08

“Thanks again for today, by the time I got down the expressway my nose was totally clear! but the body ready for a snooze.” SK 12/09/08


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